tend to your garden and it will tend to you

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-30
Take care of your garden, which, in turn, will take care of you.
The taste of tomatoes in mother\'s garden burned brightly in my memory, in every tomato I like today.
In Detroit, the beginning of our growing season marks a visit to the Eastern Market.
We chose plants and negotiated with farmers on how best to plant them.
Our relationship with the garden began.
All summer, family and friends joined in their own way to help grow seedlings, and later enjoyed the mother\'s legendary Spanish cold dishes.
We grew up with tomatoes and became gardeners.
Despite the resurgence of urban community gardens and roof-top vegetable areas, the ability to grow the vegetables and fruits you eat is still a foreign idea for most cities --dwellers today.
On the contrary, we are often satisfied with the store --
I bought immature agricultural products.
Delicious and not
It was pleasant because it had gone there far away.
In addition to the fun of eating fresh food
Picking completely ripe tomatoes, what is lost is the fun of growing your own food, and the opportunity it offers to connect with nature in a simple but profound way.
Gardening is important because it promotes an active ecology between people, plants and all the processes necessary for both (such as water and energy.
The spirit of the gardener is not just growing plants,
It represents your ability to develop and participate carefully in the world around you.
I continue to take care of my garden through my co-founded company, SproutsIO Inc. , in 2013
At SproutsIO we are developing smart micro gardens so anyone can have an indoor yearround, soil-
Free Internet garden.
That\'s what we do. It\'s important how we do it.
A key aspect of the company\'s mission is to manufacture and create skilled jobs in the United States focused on developing sustainable technologies and methods.
Built in Detroit, SproutsIO has largely used the deep-rooted and powerful infrastructure built by the automotive industry.
This is a highly skilled industry network with state-of-the-art practices and facilities that have been under construction for generations.
We re-position the extended family of local expertise, experienced, talented engineers, tool manufacturers and merchants as a new future for responsible businesses.
Together, with 25-year-
We are an old, family run electrical engineering and printed circuit board company, and we bring SproutsIO into life to make electronic products with the experience of manufacturing millions of consumer products.
Our manufacturing design is professionally guided by excellent mechanical engineers in their 80 s. year-
He designed everything from medical equipment to transportation systems.
We are working with soft tool manufacturers who teach us the art of delivering high-quality prototypes that look and feel like the end product;
Expertise that can only be learned, not entered into the builder.
As we move towards production, we have been achieving half with one family
Automation and automation tools in the medical, aviation and automotive industries.
These are the relationships we cultivate.
We are actively investing in Detroit, investing in Detroit\'s skills and staff, and getting a commitment to excellence.
This emotion is at the heart of our work.
SproutsIO enables us to participate in the process of developing our own personal products.
We have learned that when scale is expanded, it is most disruptive to participate through incremental changes.
At first glance, the SproutsIO miniature garden may seem small, but when we grow up with millions of people, we change our dependence on industrial agriculture, relocate from the end of the supply chain to the center of the food cycle.
As a gardener, I don\'t know what to plant, whether it\'s tomatoes or business.
By committing to engaging the communities we participate in, we nurture the future together as gardeners.
Jennifer Broutin Farah, co-founder and CEO of SproutsIO, leads the development of new technologies that redefine our interaction with food.
She got M. S.
MA in Media Arts and Sciences at MIT Media LabS.
Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University, BArch at the University of Miami.
Jennifer has taught at Columbia University, Pratt Institute and New York City Institute of Technology.
She was selected as an innovation researcher by Wired in 2014, a tech hero by glamour in 2014, and recently announced as the finalists of 2015 Cartier Women\'s Initiative Awards.
In October 15, 2015, six winners, one in each region, will receive a funding of $20,000 for a full year of guidance, the Cartier Women\'s Initiative Award community and unique networking and visibility opportunities have been given throughout the life.
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