Role of PCB Plating In Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

by:Rocket PCB     2020-04-17
Printed circuit board manufacturing uses copper in great amount for making a formation in electrical connectivity track pattern. It interconnects the components on the substrate of a PCB. And for proper and long-lasting functioning of these substrates these copper should be properly coated. This prevents rusting and tarnishing due to oxidation. There are a number of methods that are used to provide a protective coating to these copper connectors in printed circuit board manufacturing. Amongst these, the organic coating method has been used since the last many years. But unfortunately, this method is not without its share of disadvantages. It is not suitable for long term usage, as it can cause erratic deviation in solderability. Then there is the metal coating method that protects the circuit from corrosion before the enforcement period of lead-free era. It has in fact always played an important role in PCB manufacturing of double-sided and multi-layer (PTH) boards in the past. For the interconnection of various modules in electronic equipment, the edge connectors added with spring contacts mating with suitably designed connector tabs on PCBs are usually used. These electrical contacts usually have a high degree of wear resistance and low contact resistance. Among the most popular option used by PCB manufacturers for metal plating in PCB plating is gold. Apart from that the other metals used are using tin to coat the tracks, nickel plating and so on. Printed circuit board manufacturing is a complex process that takes into account many factors and one of them is PCB plating. So, if you are into PCB manufacturing, it is always necessary to go for proper plating method to protect your flexible printed circuit. In fact, plating provides the most effective and efficient way to apply the conductive material to the circuit board panel.
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