reading schematics and pcb boards 101: electronic circuit reference abbreviations and symbols

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-17
In this manual, I will discuss how to read the schematic diagram and how to identify the electrical components on the PCB (
Printed circuit board).
There are two main ways to identify electrical components.
On the schematic, you will also see an electrical component symbol next to it, with an identification number next to its abbreviation (ie.
You will see the symbol of the resistance.
The abbreviation of the resistor \"R\" followed by a number for identifying it on the PCB \"R102.
Next to the symbol, you will also see its value \"2 \". 2K\".
This tells you that the value of the resistance 102 is 2. 2K ohm\'s.
Because the resistance is measured in ohms.
It\'s a completely different story on the PCB.
Sometimes you don\'t have any abbreviations and most of the time you don\'t see any symbols.
Most of the time you will see a component next to the letter with a number next to it (ie. \"R102\")
\"102\" doesn\'t make much sense unless you have a schematic but you know it\'s a resistor and you can look up how to read the resistance value. (
The color line on the resistor will tell you its value. )
There is a good list here.
There is a good list here and here.
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