Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Aluminum

by:Rocket PCB     2020-04-13
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing is becoming a booming business today with the growing need for smaller electronics packaging and greater functionality. Though earlier the flexible printed circuit was mostly available in polyester or polyimide materials, yet nowadays, the aluminum based are becoming more popular. And the reasons why pcb manufacturers are using these is also because aluminum as a metal itself has many benefits over others. Electrical and Thermal Conductivity PCB Manufacturing involves using a base that has excellent heat and electricity conductivity. This makes aluminum a great base to be used in PCBs for dissipation of heat without using additional heat sinks. In fact, for this quality aluminum is the most commonly used material in major power transmission lines everywhere. Again this quality also helps in reducing the effect of thermal stress on all components thus, increasing life and durability. This also helps PCB manufacturers in reducing component operating temperatures, improving reliability. Also called 'metal core printed circuit boards,' aluminum-backed PCBs have improved thermal conduction leading to versatility in component and tracking layout enabling PCB dimensions to be reduced. Ductility and flexibility Another great quality of aluminum, which makes it ideal to be used in PCB Manufacturing, is its ductility due to which it can be processed in a number of ways, in its molten condition. And after the product is formed it becomes very durable and safe for long lasting use. Again, though aluminum is lightweight, it strength can be adapted to the application required by modifying the composition of its alloys. This indeed goes a long way in increasing the physical strength of the assembly which is a pre-requisite for flexible printed circuit. Apart from these, aluminum have many other good qualities which make it ideal for PCB manufacturing, like anti corrosive feature, its reflectivity, non- toxicity, and above all it's recyclable.
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