PCB circuit boards states basic concept and technical requirements

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-20
PCB circuit boards dependend ( 结合) Is the one playing chip production process line, commonly used in packaging before circuit inside the chip of gold or aluminium wire connected to the circuit board gold-plated copper foil package pin or binding, from ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic, As a general rule, be 40 - 140千赫) , by the high frequency vibration of the transducer of the cleaver, via the amplitude when the cleaver contact with fuses and be weldment, under the action of stress and vibration, to weld metal surface rubbing against each other, oxide film was damaged, and plastic deformation occurs, two pure metal surface close contact, to achieve the combination of the atomic distance, finally forms the strong mechanical connection. The general state after ( After the circuit connected to the pin) With vinyl chip packaging. Clean up the oil on PCB circuit boards to bond positioning, dust, and the oxide layer to brush try leather, then brush with wool to brush try clean, or use the air gun to blow off. Moderate amount of adhesive glue gum drops, glue points 4, uniformly distributed in the four corners; Adhesive glue bonding pad are strictly prohibited pollution. Chip paste ( Solid crystal) Use vacuum pen, suction nozzle so as not to scratch chip surface must be cleaned. Check the wafer orientation, adhere to the PCB circuit boards need to be 'smooth' : flat, parallel with the chip and PCB without phantom; And PCB circuit boards, chip in the process of the entire process is not easy to fall off; Is set aside a chip and PCB are posted, deflection, pay attention to direction of chip can not have the phenomenon. Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit board, HDI board, thick copper, blind hole buried plate proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit board production and PCB board production. Bond wire bond on the PCB by binding tension tests: 1. 0 line is greater than or equal to 3. 5 g, 1。 25 line is greater than or equal to 4. 5G。 Dependend standard aluminium wire melting point: line tail is greater than or equal to 0. 3 times the wire diameter, less than or equal to 1. Five times the wire diameter. Aluminium wire solder joint shape is oval. Solder joint length: greater than or equal to 1. Five times the wire diameter, less than or equal to 5. 0 times wire diameter. The width of the solder joints: greater than or equal to 1. 2 times the line diameter, less than or equal to 3. 0 times wire diameter. To should take put down gently, in the process of bond line to point to accurately, using microscope bond line process, operators for broken bond line, volume, offset, hot and cold welding, aluminum and other bad like now, if there is any must notify relevant technical personnel to solve. There must be the first check before formal production, check whether the state fault, less bond, bond etc. Like now. In the process of production must have the specialist timing ( Up to 2 hours) Verify its correctness. Sealant sealant for wafer installed plastic ring before must check the regularity of plastic ring, ensure that the center is a square, no obvious distortion, to ensure that when installation at the bottom of the plastic ring and close fit, on the surface of the wafer to the center of the chip area without sunscreen. During dispensing, black glue should be fully cover PCB circle of the sun and dependend chip aluminium wire, not rose, black glue sealing the PCB circle of the sun, and leak adhesive should be erased, vinyl cannot by plastic ring into the chip. Glue, needle mouth or MAO sign do not encounter such as plastic circle surface of the wafer, and good bond line. Drying temperature under strict control: preheating temperature is 120 plus or minus 5 degrees Celsius, time of 1. 5-3. 0 minutes; Drying temperature is 140 plus or minus 5 degrees Celsius, for 40 to 60 minutes. Vinyl surface must not have air hole, after drying and curing conditions, as a black glue must be higher than plastic ring. Test method: the combination of A variety of A. Artificial visual inspection; B。 Binding machine, automatic welding line quality inspection; C。 Automatic optical image analysis ( AOI) X ray analysis and check the inner quality of solder joint.
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