PCB circuit boards goldfinger recognition method

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-20
So-called circuit boards goldfinger, refers to a row of isometric arrangement of bonding pad, dew copper plating. More used in the board, LCD connection, motherboard, chassis and other electric connection of connecting pin, because again on the copper foil nickel plating layer with a thin layer of gold plating. A, PCB circuit boards goldfinger definition and function: goldfinger: ( GoldFinger or EdgeConnector) Insert the PCB circuit board end connector card slot, with the connector plug as exports of PCB external connection, make the bonding pad or copper contact with the corresponding position of splice feet to achieve the purpose of conducting, and bonding pad on the PCB this or copper plating nickel and gold, for into finger shape so called gold finger. Chose gold because of its superior conductivity and oxidation resistance. Abrasion resistance. But because the cost of gold is very high so applies only to local gold-plated gold finger, etc. Double-sided circuit boards goldfinger add plating hole 2, circuit boards goldfinger classification and identification features of circuit boards goldfinger classification: 1. Regular gold finger ( Flush the fingers) ; 2. Section gold finger ( Intermittent gold finger) ; 3. Gold finger length ( The uneven gold finger) 。 Goldfinger PCB 1 varies in length. Regular gold finger ( Flush the fingers) : in the edge position lined up the same length, the width of a rectangle welding plate. Below is: the network card, graphics and other types of physical objects, goldfinger. Part of the small plate gold finger less; 2. Section gold finger ( Intermittent gold finger) : in the edge position have different length of rectangular pad, and recently disconnected; 3. Gold finger length ( The uneven gold finger) : different length of a rectangle is located in the edge position welding plate. Below: the characteristics of PCB circuit boards goldfinger: no character box and label, routinely for resistance welding layer open window. Most have groove shape. Gold finger edge of protruding part or close to the edge. Some board both ends with gold finger. Two sides are normal goldfinger, part of the PCB circuit board only single gold finger. Some boards goldfinger single wide, etc.
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