lucia shipley; cofounded firm with husband; at 89

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Lucia Shipley never believed that women could not understand the myth of science.
She majored in mathematics at Smith College in Northampton and co-founded with her husband in the basement of their Auburn Dale home to develop a small laboratory for the electronics industry for the manufacture of chemicals for computer chips and printed circuit boards.
It was in 1957.
Later, to make up for her lack of scientific research at Smith University, Mrs. Smith
Shipley took a few years of morning science course at MIT and then reported it to her home lab. “Shipley Co.
Only 18 months later, they started to make a profit, their son, Richard from Sanibel Island, Florida.
In 2004, he said in the Global Times that his father, Charles H. Shipley Jr. , at 86.
\"Charlie is a creative genius. Lucia is a strong man --minded CEO. ’’Shipley Co.
It did a great job and soon moved from the basement to other offices around Newton.
The company eventually opened offices around the world. Mrs.
Shipley\'s family foundation benefited many local non-profit organizations, universities, hospitals and animal welfare organizations, who died of a stroke in January.
Her home on Sanibel Island. She was 89. Mrs.
Shipley lived in obendale 18 years ago until she moved to her winter home in Florida.
Through the Shipley Foundation, the family donated money to Dana Hall School, a private girls\' school in Wellesley
Shipley graduated in 1938.
Their gifts enabled the school to set up an integrated science center and library in 1998 and a fitness and health center in 2005.
Both facilities are available. Shipley’s name.
Blair Jenkins, former head of Dana Hall, is now the head of bend falls College, Oregon.
The Shipley Science Center said, \"attracted excellent science teachers and inspired students to sign up for more than two years of scientific research that was needed at the time.
She said: \"The reason why I am so successful is largely because of Lucia Shipley.
Lucia wants to see her alma mater make an impact on young women studying science while she is alive.
\"Shipley Co. , according to all accounts.
Also treat it as a help to family.
James Finney of Lake Forest, California
Starting in 1965, I worked as a technical salesman at the company for 20 years and recalled that after an interview with a male manager, \"I arranged my last interview with a woman at that time, madam. Shipley.
I don\'t know what will happen.
I survived the last interview and found that she was very relaxed with a quick smile on her face covering up her nature.
\"Lucia tested all the new sales staff and is known for her extraordinary attention to detail, and she is committed to the quality and integrity of all aspects of our work.
Feeney said the company grew into a leader in the electronics materials industry, but its founders \"never lost the core values that made them unique \".
\"They care about their people with generous welfare programs,\" he said . \".
\"They provide growth opportunities and good jobs for many people. ’’Lucia H.
Farrington grew up in Auburn.
Her father is president of the Boston area Farrington Manufacturing Power Company.
Growing up, she was very athletic and did well in table tennis and horseback riding.
The German Shepherd has been a part of her life for years to come, and so has Gardening.
She was selected as Phi Beta Kappa in third grade at Smith University, but left school before graduation and married Charles, who will be at war in 1941.
The couple moved to Washington in 1942, where Charles Shipley became an expert in ammunition procurement.
In 1948, they moved to Massachusetts, where he worked for his father. in-
Law firm responsible for the production of printed circuit boards.
Richard, who works with his parents, said that when he started his own company, Shipleys \"completely changed the emerging printing circuit industry \".
William mccreish of Wellesley, a former legal adviser to the company, described Shiites as \"a paradise-made couple \".
\"The key thing is that there is no chemical background for both,\" says MacCrellish . \".
\"Their field is electronic chemicals.
At first, they were competing with big companies like IBM.
They are always interested in new products.
\"Boston businessman David Arnold joined Shipley in 1959 as senior vice president to expand the company across the country as well as Europe, Japan and Australia. ’’“Mrs.
\"Shipley is very concerned about the details,\" Arnold said . \".
\"It was she who passed on all the major decisions of the company.
Joan Rousseau of Waltham said Shiites were so good to their employees that they were allowed to buy shares in the company and in other ways that many of the company\'s personnel stayed in their long careers.
She spent 40 years there.
Richard Shipley says workers will receive bonuses even if the company has had a bad year.
\"They always teach us to find the positive side and the negative side makes us extremely picky,\" says Rousseau . \".
Gary Nichols of Framingham, who was originally a Shia production worker, later found a supervisory job and eventually set up a manufacturing company for them in the UK.
\"They care about us and our family,\" Nichols said . \".
The company also took the lead in launching a light
Richard says sensitive materials used in several industrial processes in the semiconductor industry.
\"When merging with Roma and Haas.
In 1992, he said, \"Small companies\" had more than 1,000 employees with annual sales of more than $0. 2 billion and more than 20 U. S. patents.
The business eventually became the starting point for Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, which became part of Dow chemistry in 2009, he said.
After she retired in 1992,
Shipley focuses on charity.
Dana Hall received $2 on 1998.
The Shipley Foundation presented 5 million gifts to the library and the new science center.
The school received $5 million from the Foundation for $21,000. Square foot gymnasium. In 1985, Mrs.
Shipley was the first woman to win the Winthrop Award.
Medal of Achievement for entrepreneurs of Sears Chemical Industry Association.
In 1990, she and her husband won the prestigious semi-Award from the international trade organization for semiconductor equipment and materials for their contribution to the electronic chemical industry. In 1996, Mrs.
Shipley won the Dana Hall Distinguished Alumni Award.
In her 1985 awards
Shipley told the female entrepreneur.
\"Work hard, learn, listen, ask questions, learn business and markets, but most importantly, enjoy what you do and appreciate the people who work with you.
\"Except for her son, madam.
Shipley left a daughter from Helen Hunt in Princeton, New Jersey. J. ;
Five grandchildren. and four great-grandchildren.
Services have been held.
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