how northern ireland’s farmers — and the region’s peace — did well under eu

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Irish-Black Lion
Hugh Maguire can\'t believe the British did it.
Northern Ireland farmers and the UK, like many residents on Ireland\'s almost unmarked land border, will face the risk of financial bankruptcy if the UK continues to implement its plan to withdraw from the EU.
Most of his income comes from cattle and sheep in highland pastures.
About 80,000 euros ($90,000)
241 of his support every year-hectare (600-acre)farm.
He received subsidies under the EU\'s \"less popular regions\" rating --
Farms on land that produce little but are valuable to the environment.
Maguire announced the referendum last week.
There are 52 votes in the United States. K. -
Leaving the EU, including 44 in Northern Ireland“a disaster.
\"I don\'t see Britain subsidizing us like the EU,\" Maguire said . \" He voted to stay.
\"When we got the subsidy, we had a lot better relations with the EU. . .
To be honest, I don\'t think there will be agriculture in this area of Northern Ireland in a few years.
Along the winding 310mile (500-kilometre)
Bordering the Republic of Ireland, residents are trying to imagine what life would be like if Northern Ireland were like the rest of the United StatesK.
Actually left 28-nation EU. Both the U. K.
Ireland entered then.
The European Economic Community and its common interests in 1973
Action at the European level helped to remove the border as an economic or tourism barrier in early 1990.
Many are now concerned that the British and Irish authorities have no choice but to redeploy customs officers and police officers to stop immigration and smuggling, which may fuel new support for the illegal IRA.
From the 1970 s to the 1990 s, the IRA attacks prompted Britain to establish a border network of soldiers-controlled bases and watchtowers,, after 2005 of the majority of IRA members decided to disarm and abandon the violence, the facilities had disappeared.
\"In order to promote peace and economic growth, we need to make the Irish border invisible as much as possible.
Voters in England don\'t really understand the stakes here, \"said John Paul Felley, a county council member born in Black Lion, a village of 200 people, north and east.
Feeley says about 30,000 people travel across the border from two directions to work and school every day, and the last thing they need is to go back to traffic --
Ranting at the checkpoint
\"This is a very serious situation for us,\" he said . \".
The decision to support Britain\'s exit from the EU was shocking, causing the pound to fall against other currencies, including the euro used by Ireland.
This change means that southerners with euros in their pockets suddenly find that shopping in Northern Ireland is about 10 cents cheaper, while Northern Ireland --
Companies operating in the UK have found that imported goods are becoming more expensive.
\"Many of our customers are in Europe and I think that will make it more difficult for us to compete in Europe,\" said Jonathan Balver, director of elite electronic systems, about 200 employees were hired in the nearby Northern Ireland town of enniskelen.
The company assembled printed circuit boards and other electronic peripherals, but found that the cost of imported materials was rising as the pound fell sharply.
Other businessmen worry that as they move goods from continental EU countries to the US, their supply chain will become too difficult to face multiple tariff barriersK.
Eventually sold in EU member Ireland.
\"I am still shocked,\" said Joris Smet, a Dutch citizen who runs his own building supplies business in the Northern Ireland border town of Newry.
He said many of the company\'s goods were imported from Germany through the Dutch and Belgian ports of Antwerp before being exported to Ireland.
\"So it\'s not surprising that I\'m a fanatic supporter of EU members. . . .
I can\'t believe that people don\'t understand the obvious benefits to our economy.
\"Dundalk, a city of the Republic of Ireland, 14 miles (22 kilometres)
On the other hand, the euro will face the outflow of retail trade to the north. In the north, the weak pound means a stronger consumer capacity for the euro.
The last one took place in 2007 and 2008, when Newry\'s shopping mall was overwhelmed by the intersectionBorder shoppers
\"We have been living in currency fluctuations.
\"Sometimes Dundalk wins, sometimes Newry wins,\" said Paddy Malone, spokesman for the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce . \".
\"What we can\'t stand is excessive border security.
Malone pointed to the nearby M1 highway, which has cut travel time between Ireland\'s capital Dublin and Northern Ireland\'s capital Belfast ster by half since 2007.
At present, the only indication that drivers go from one country to another is that Ireland\'s speed limit and distance are listed in kilometers, while Miles are used in the north.
\"The road was built without any border checks.
Impose them on something that should be high.
Fast and efficient infrastructure is difficult, to say the least . \"
\"There are hundreds of trails and country paths across the border, and it is impossible to control all of them by police.
\"British forces have been trying to close the border for years.
\"They have never succeeded,\" he added . \".
Pogatchnik reports from Dublin, New Delhi and Belfast.
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