high-tech traffic lights could reshape the future of driving

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-04
Imagine driving to Cleveland in August.
1914, at the intersection of Euclid Avenue and East 105 Street, a strange glowing sphere greets you and it is placed there to tell you when to go and when to stop. Fast-
The traffic lights reached the same basic goal in 100.
We were still waiting for the green light at the crossroads.
Now, several experts are wondering whether traffic lights can be improved or whether vehicles can think, react and drive themselves in the future.
\"The traffic lights were originally made up of a simple mechanical controller filled with rings and phases.
It\'s a little steampunk, just like the artwork in Dan Brown\'s novel, \"said Ben Collar, R & D Director, Siemens infrastructure and city department, Austin, Texas.
Collar said that modern traffic lights control traffic with their \"phase\" of red, green and yellow, and in their 70 s it changed when engineers added printed circuit boards.
Later, in 1990s, an adaptive management system was developed to monitor traffic flow and adjust the lights accordingly.
Today, computers are used in cities.
Adjust the controlled traffic lights of the time based on the level of traffic, the time of day and even the number of trucks on the road.
In Los Angeles, for example, city officials used traffic management to control their 4,400 traffic lights, reducing travel time by 12%.
\"The intersection is connected to a central traffic management system called ATSAC (
Automatic traffic monitoring)
\"This is an effort throughout the city to reduce travel time, empty cars to reduce pollution, and to maintain a schedule for fast buses,\" said Peter Marx . \" Chief Innovation Technology Officer and advisory board member of the Los Angeles Internet Auto Expo.
But the lights are changing.
In the next few years, they will begin to communicate directly with your car, even your smartphone.
Among other things, you get an alarm when the lights turn green.
\"We are entering a new phase of communication called vehicles --to-
Take advantage of the infrastructure of the Wi-variantFi called 802. 11p for low-
Delayed communications for security and information alerts, \"said Jeremy Carlson, IHS Automotive analyst at El Segundo, California
By 2024, he said, the technology of \"watching\" traffic lights could even become a mandatory technology for new cars.
\"The first batch of applications will be information, advice and warning to drivers,\" said Mike Schulman, technical head of Ford Research and Innovation in Detroit.
\"After that experience, there may be a vehicle control application where the driver is responsible for the operation of the vehicle.
\"The idea has been tested in Germany and Italy, and Audi is experimenting with\" online traffic lights \"to show drivers the speed they need for their next light and the waiting time at a red light.
The car can be turned off automatically while waiting.
But one day it may even go out because of the traffic lights.
Self-driving cars will be able to communicate with other cars, allowing you to sit down, read newspapers, drink coffee, and allow your car to control its own speed, Collar said.
Dozens of cars may meet at a crossroads and automatically give in to each other.
\"If you\'re in the car, you might notice that the car slows down a bit as other cars pass by you,\" Collar said . \".
\"The speed of each car will have complex and fast calculations so that they can cross each other\'s path without hitting each other.
But some red lights are slowing progress.
Public opinion is a problem;
We get used to traffic lights and it seems a bit worrying to hand control over to the car.
Most experts believe that connected cars in the future will know the road better than humans.
Maybe I don\'t mind when the green light is on.
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