Dongguan circuit board factory how to calculate the cost

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-11
Dongguan circuit board factory how to calculate the cost? Actually general is through the different process, the comprehensive factors such as different materials processing for cost calculation, calculated on the basis of price per square metre commonly. Some special material and process requirement of the custom, of course, the price will be accordingly increased or decreased price, these are to pass the cost accounting. So, the cost of PCB circuit boards should be how to calculate? The Rocket PCB below small make up to share. = material + artificial cost + manufacturing costs, including what kind of PCB material? Commonly seen or done circuit board PCB factories know, PCB process is long, and production cost in this link, there is a lot of space can be controlled. Production costs include: control of raw materials; Control of water and electricity; Scrap rate control; Process control, etc. PCB circuit boards the same a circuit board 1, raw material control, who can use the least amount of material to complete it, whose production costs are the lowest, and the control to a minimum of material, is the rework rate and control it employees waste rate, although there are many factories are equipped with PMC department to limit the production of material, but this is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, material is not enough, can't stop production, eventually sent him, really play, only from the employee's proficiency. The supervisor's management ability, the design of the process, a set of strict management system and reasonable way. Will reduce a lot of human error. Suggest some key positions, select experienced employees to complete! For example: the production supervisor; Program director; MI engineer etc. ! 2, water and electricity control hydropower reasonable use, is essential, especially in busy season season often appear shortage of power in many places are taking electricity control, the machine need not when, must be stopped, such as lamp, etching, drilling/gong machine equipment, production plan, reasonable utilization, can reduce the cost of larger. Manage production plan, to process skilled, to work with production, market department close cooperation, communication, often to get information in a timely manner, in order to reasonable arrange production plan! 3, scrapping rate control circuit board is lamentable, especially in the market copper surged, material rise, PCB falling profits, such as scrap rate is too high, to the enterprise economy is undoubtedly worse. How to control the scrap rate. This needs us to find a good operation system and management system, employee negligence to tolerance and material is not stable. To control the scrap rate of this link, we can control from the following points: ( 1) Enhance the consciousness of staff, to let him know, PCB line edition is a valuable thing, at any time must take put down gently, don't let him feel we are cheap board or board of production, the natural he would not like a baby, just as our requirement for PCB position, must have two hand edge, we don't say this will bring benefits to the character of the circuit board factory, this position can let a person feel the pure ZhenGuiXing circuit board! ( 2) QA MRB( Discard the reviewers) This person is very important, to judge whether the plate the scrap by him, so he must have a high sense of responsibility, and for each process are familiar with, if can save the board to give him jailed for scrap, it is undoubtedly a waste, if you can't save plate, plate by him as a qualified and continue to flow down, will process after the waste of raw materials. ( 3) Constantly introducing new technology, seeking the most reasonable working mode to staff's mistake. ( 4) Will the monthly scrap rate for every employee knows, let them feel the benefits of scrap rate reduced to them! Summarize the scrap reason, often want to know how our board scrap. A good PCB from the choice of materials and need careful, careful do eery process, will be careless, the cost of materials and processing precision degree also determines the final quotation of PCB circuit boards. Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit board, HDI board, thick copper, blind hole buried plate proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit board production and PCB board production.
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