Beijing PCB factory: multilayer circuit board

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-06
About circuit board manufacturing has been busy blatant, grab to eat PCB multilayer circuit board, this attractive cake has been someone rushed in and rushed in. What is it to, the company all accept according to the order? Of course, the answer is no. Each circuit board factory need according to oneself circumstance to choose cake, the cake is too big, eat greasy, waste, so choose appropriate to the size of the size of cake, it is necessary. Dongguan proofing PCB circuit board manufacturers, in particular, is to set a good cake size, so as not to waste. Now we introduce Beijing PCB factory, before the introduction of multilayer printed circuit, we will mention a can increase the density of technology: jump line ( 跳线) Or across the line, 交叉) 。 Maybe just proofing into the circuit board industry people don't know much about. Jump line or cross line refers to the circuit board wiring layer on a conductor can 'jump' for one or more conductors and will not be skipped and wire short circuit. Has developed a variety of methods for jumpers or cross the line, and succeeded in different extent. Beijing PCB factory tell you a simple process but may have reliability problem is printed jumper, particular way is: first on to skip for conductor coated with a layer of medium, and then applying conductive paste connection to connect both ends to the conductor, and electric contact between the conductor is skipped will not occur. This method usually use silk screen printing and needles coating technology. If the medium layer of coating have defects will cause problems, these defects may be due to the screen printing process of empty, may also be a medium layer caused by the solvent evaporation during the process of solidification, If the dielectric material contains a lot of solvent) 。 PCB multilayer circuit board production reliability problems may appear in the jump line and the second is connected on the interface of conductor, unless the metal on the surface of a conductor layer is not easy oxidation of materials ( Such as gold) , or a metallic surface will be due to oxidation and printing between conductive paste and conductive performance and reduce over time. Jump line technology can be applied to all kinds of circuit board PCB factory in dongguan, but more suitable for the flexible circuit boards, particularly high polymer thick film ( PTF) Circuit boards, after detailed sees, narrate. The last category is a multilayer circuit board, although some Beijing PCB factory already know, but you have to know, this kind of structure including at least three separate conductor layers or plane. Of course, as a result of these layers are made in pairs, so the multilayer circuit board wiring layer number is usually an even number. More than the initial production process include: the double-sided PCB laminate, the overall drilling together, and then realize the vertical interconnect. Vertical connections used pin, rivets and screws in the early days, plated through hole technology achieved a breakthrough, because all connections can be done once in the vertical direction. After so many years, has developed a new variety of vertical connection technology, has achieved success in different extent. Some technology using horizon strategy, making a circuit layer at a time. There are some other methods, such as on the pairs of double-sided adhesive coating conductive film as an insert in the middle ( interpo - ser) 。
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