6 shocking ways robots are already becoming human

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-26
We all know the inherent advantages of robots: they are not tired, they will not question, they will not hesitate to crush our children with their powerful, indifferent metal claws.
But we are also well aware of their weaknesses: they don\'t feel, they can\'t express emotions, they can\'t create, and perhaps the most sad thing is that they can\'t love.
How will we defeat the inevitable robot apocalypse when it comes to us ---
Our humanity.
You can\'t design a soul.
Except you can.
Scientists have begun to use these six robots, which walk in the only area of human life before.
6 robots gain reputation among war heroes the military is in the leading position in the field of robots
Interpersonal relationship
This is not entirely surprising.
The connection between soldiers is deep, and it doesn\'t matter if fellow soldiers happen to be made of metal and plastic.
Ordered a minefieldClear robot (
It is programmed to cross the field, detonate mines, lose limbs, and then drag itself forward until the next explosion)
He stopped his duty because he couldn\'t stand watching it anymore.
He considered how to deal with the robot. . . \"inhumane.
\"I cried when their beloved comrades of combat robots were destroyed by improvised explosive devices.
But the first award for BRFFs was for a group of soldiers who were with them ---
Because they thought the robot had a day off.
If you think this is a wrong joke for soldiers, they don\'t respect and respect their robot brothers --in-
Think again: Sgt.
Talon, a bomb handling robot at regulation 737, was awarded by soldiers no less than three medals of honor Purple Hearts and a battlefield promoted to sergeant.
Now it ranks higher than ordinary soldiers.
If there is such a tendency, it can give orders to human beings to put their lives in danger, and technically they must obey.
It\'s hard for robots to create robots. wired.
The action of a robot is purely the sum of its programming.
It is impossible for a robot to violate its code.
In essence, robots are direct and extreme opposites of creativity.
Or at least it used to be.
Robots now not only express themselves in a variety of ways, but do very well, with their creative works standing with professionals. Emily Howell (
Yes, the robot is now named)
Was told to analyze the pattern of music, the work of every classical composer.
She dutifully examined each piece with the cold, metal and unhappy character of the music history professor.
Then, when she was done, she created her own music, presumably when a researcher made a turntable with ruthless and scientific efficiency.
Whether or not you think there is any benefit to her outcome, it doesn\'t matter: the point is that we have planned the ability to create art ---
Completely original work, not mix or cover-into a machine.
By adding this appendix, you might think that we would say that Emily\'s music is a mess of failure. They\'re not.
These are her works: her works are not just coherent, but actually the same level as the works of many professional composers are considered. . .
In a way, these composers have publicly expressed concern that \"Emily will surpass [one day]\"them]in [their]field.
We thought they meant to say that they were worried that she would \"catch us up in a field where no one could hear us screaming \".
\"The cruel and ruthless rule of creativity is not limited to music.
While most art projects take a photo and filter it through pastel, pencil, and paint, the drawing fool has been told how different painting styles and colors can stimulate emotions and emotions
When the machine creates some original paintings by itself, one will think that it is faulty and prints out some pictures of the circuit board, followed by two page question marks and one blank page, except for the word \"what is it. . . love?
\"Print with small text at the bottom.
But it is indeed the City View: and the flower: Well, maybe the fool is not exactly at Jackson Pollock\'s level.
Hell, it\'s not even Kevin Pollack\'s level. . .
Her niece, Penny Pollak, once published an exciting vaginal monologue in public.
The night of the microphone, but basically just disappeared from the meager last name.
However, this is not the point: The point is that the project does not paint realistic landscapes or still life as expected.
It skipped thousands of years of art history and crossed the stage of modern art.
If it can continue its artistic development at such a fast pace, it will completely change the art world in two months. Become tired of yourself in three hours, exhausted in four hours and succumb to addiction.
Six months later, it will die from self-driving.
Porn suffocates, and all previous reviewers write tearful hymns saying they don\'t know, but think the fool\'s later work is actually the best.
Swiss scientists have conducted an experiment on robots. The task of robots is very simple.
Finally, individuals collecting the most \"food\" are allowed to \"breed\" through hot metal\"on-metal bonin\'. (
OK, so \"copy\" just means that their instructions are mixed together and copied to the next generation of robots, but our way sounds more interesting).
Now, if you are a Swiss robot that is inexplicably programmed to feel hungry, you have two options: you can choose to stock up on what you find when you go looking for resources (
Selfish behavior
Or share with other members of the group (
Altruistic Behavior.
In the face of the same dilemma, nature responds mainly through inventions.
But surprisingly, robots have learned to collaborate and share resources, ensuring that, despite reducing their breeding opportunities, everyone has more breeding opportunities.
The original artificial intelligence puts the overall benefits on top of its programming, and by doing so, it shows that machines can be altruistic ---
It can be said to be the most complex and rare feature found in any society.
We\'re actually human--
The creature of the word \"altruism ---
Lunch time is up and if an old lady is between us and the last burrito, we will step on her neck.
In our book, these robots are actually saints.
While robots should be comforting, whenever you find yourself guided through a series of wrong turns, the stoic, emotionless sound in the GPS unit is anything.
Peter Robinson, a professor at the University of Cambridge, created a GPS system to help you calm your worsening road rage.
This system called Charles analyzes your face, voice, body language, and posture to determine your current emotional state-
Let\'s face it. Many of us have not mastered this skill yet.
In addition, there are additional benefits: Charles appears in the form of a fearful, inhuman head that imitates the English inventor Charles Babich. . .
If someone drowned him in a doughnut glaze, let his sugary body rot in the sun for a month.
Of course, keep installing it on your dashboard and let it show you the way;
You will soon find that every destination is a mental hospital.
Charles\'s head movements, conversations, and general coordination of complex ridicule of human expressions, including 24 motors.
When you drive, it provides directions calmly, and the camera in its eyes will watch you figure out how you feel at the moment, presumably your greatest fear and weakness.
Professor Robinson claims that Charles represents \"the future of how people interact with machines \".
\"He is right, because they will give us orders and tell us where to go.
There will be a lot of broken heads rolling around.
In the process of pursuing knowledge, they can surpass American scientists to constantly invent robots to replace our work, but now it is their turn: a robot named Adam is itself a scientist.
It collects data and finds explanations in detected patterns, and then conducts experiments to confirm or negate them.
It is the whole process without any human input.
Scientific methods may be the most important concept in the progress of human civilization.
Robots used to do just leg work that supported human thought, but Adam built a hypothesis, tested it, proved it, or abandoned it, with no human interaction at all.
Now, we don\'t want to be a fear dealer here, but how long will it take before it decides to test the hypothesis that \"humans look better stabbed?
It\'s not just a novel behavior either (
Like the monitors where humans play chess with computers).
In fact, Adam is producing useful results.
Human scientists plan to use its findings in future experiments.
Do you know what that means?
This means that a robot, something created by human beings, has come to a fully original conclusion and made a meaningful contribution to the sum of human knowledge. H . . .
Have you all done this recently?
Because we never did that.
So robot Adam--
Purely from the point of view of the value of race-
More than most people, their biggest contribution is that once they fart, it sounds a bit like Elvis Presley.
Yes, they are themselves.
I also realized that \"I think, therefore I am\", perhaps the most striking self
Written definition
We are smart because we know what we think and what we think.
This may not include every nuance of being a thought, feeling creature, but it is a good, solid start.
Now, the phrase also applies to robots.
The simplest self-test
Consciousness is the ability to recognize oneself in the mirror.
It sounds basic, but only a few animals have passed.
There are also some animals.
A robot that recognizes itself is disturbing enough, but Hod Lipson disagrees: Lipson and his team create a self
A robot called starfish, which basically taught itself everything without the help of the outside world ---
Walk, navigate, and even adapt to injuries in difficult obstacles (
When a scientist shortens one leg of a robot, it changes its gait to compensate).
But the way it makes these decisions is so worrying: Starfish don\'t just follow the schematic blindly.
It judges what actually needs to be done by building its own concept in its \"brain\", and then makes structural decisions based on what it considers to be the basic principle of the robot.
Scientists say it is not fully conscious yet, because it is not \"thinking about its own thinking,\" but moving in the direction of consciousness as independently as a cat ---
Such a level.
Lipson claims he\'s not worried because if these peopleaware, self-
It\'s always out of control to replicate Evolving Robots . \"\"Jesus.
This is the exact line you give to a character called death scientist No. 1 in a sci-
Sci-fi book of Revelation movies, just before the special effects really come into effect.
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