Voltage feedback circuit board factory: current judgment points parsing

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-28
First of all, the circuit board factory and everyone together to learn the first with the essentials of negative feedback amplifier circuit. What is a positive feedback, positive feedback of feedback signal and we are all in the same phase of the input signal, to do addition, this time is very vulnerable to shocks. What is a negative feedback, negative feedback is to make sure our amplifier circuit can normal work in our operation scope, mining means feedback signal and our amplifier circuit of the input signal phase, on the other hand, do subtraction. Had said the us back to our subject, now let's look at what is voltage feedback. Black oil HDI PCB from the amplifier output voltage feedback output signal voltage, stable output signal voltage. Voltage feedback to determine: output signal cancellation, feedback signal, sampling points and output terminal is at a point, if it is a point, belongs to the voltage feedback, shunt circuit output. How to understand small output voltage feedback resistance: good for parallel voltage equal everywhere, to understand the parallel resistance smaller. Circuit board factory summary: sampling elements are in parallel output voltage feedback, small output resistance. Here we see the output end is parallel feedback; Is concluded that voltage feedback, output signal cancellation at the same time, the feedback signal. Finished watching what is the voltage feedback, let's look at the current feedback. Current feedback: it is for our amplifier output signal of the current collection, we know that the series resistance of the current equal everywhere, series resistance is equal to the sum of the resistance, we can use this to understand current feedback is the output of the feedback element in series in our feedback. To improve the output resistance of resistance. At the same time, feedback sampling signal is not our output in an endpoint. Based on the information we have, look at this, R is our load resistance. Circuit board factory and everyone to look at together, the sampling point and the output end of the RF is difference, series on the sampling output resistance, dropped when the output signal and the signal of the ( The endpoint is negative signals) 。 Voltage current feedback circuit board factory summary: look at the output of the amplifier, the output voltage feedback to reduce resistance, increase the output current feedback resistor. Output voltage feedback to stable output voltage, and reduce resistance and improve the load capacity. Rocket PCB circuit board manufacturers, is a focus on multilayer circuit board production, high impedance PCB, thick copper plate, HDI circuit boards, blind hole buried circuit board, FPC soft plate, PCB circuit board proofing and small batch production.
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