The common problems in circuit board

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-11
A overlap, welding plate, welding plate (1 In addition to the surface welding this) Overlap, meaning that hole of overlap, in the circuit board drilling holes in a multiple drilling result in broken bits, leading to loss of hole. 2, PCB sandwich plate, two holes in the overlap, such as for the isolation of a hole plate, a hole for the connection plate ( Spend bonding pad) So that after the paint film performance for isolation plates, scrap. Two, the abuse of the graphics layer 1, in some circuit board attachment did some useless graphics layer, but was four layers PCB design for five layer above the line, make the misunderstanding. 2, when the design graph save trouble, with Protel software as an example for some lines in every layer Board layer to paint, and with Board layer to delimit dimensioning lines, which, when light painting data layer Board, because not to miss the attachment and open circuit, or because of the selection Board layer labeling lines and short circuit, so keep the graphics layer when the design is complete and clear. 3, in violation of the conventional design, such as component design on the Bottom floor and welding surface design on the Top, causing inconvenience. Circuit board ( Printed circuit board) Three, place 1, the character of the characters cover solder SMD soldering terminal, on-off testing and components to printed circuit board welding inconvenience. 2, the character design is too small, cause problems for wire mesh printing, overlapping characters of too much, it is difficult to distinguish. Four, circuit board welding by one side plate aperture setting 1, circuit board welding by one side plate is generally not boring, if hole needs to mark, the aperture shall be designed to zero. If the numerical design, drilling data, the result in this location hole in the ground, and problems. 2, one side welding plate such as drilling should be special mark. Five, with filling block drawing pad with filling solder when designing circuit can pass DRC checks, but for processing is no good, so kind of bonding pad can not directly generate resistance welding data, in resistance welding flux, the filling area will be covered by resistance welding flux, welding difficulties in device. Six, electricity formation spent solder and attachment because designed to spend bonding pad mode power supply, formation and the actual image on the printed circuit board is on the contrary, all attachment is shielded wire, the designer should be very clear on this point. Here, by the way, drew a few set of power supply or a tiller of the ground isolation should be careful, can't leave a gap, the short circuit of two sets of power supply, also do not make the connection of regional blockade ( The separated) of a set of power supply 。 Seven, ill-defined 1 processing level, single panel at the TOP layer design, such as do not show positive and negative, perhaps out of board mount devices and bad welding. 2, for example, when a four layers PCB design adopts the TOP four mid1, mid2 bottom layer, but the process is not placed in this order, this request. Eight, in the design of filling block too much or filling block with a very fine line fill 1, produce light painting data have lost phenomenon, light painting incomplete data. 2, for filling block when light painting data processing is a a thread to paint, so the light painting data volume is quite large, increased the difficulty of data processing. Nine, circuit board of graphic design in graphics electroplating uneven due to uneven coating, affect the quality. Ten, large area of grid spacing is too small, the edge of the area between grid lines and line is too small ( Less than zero. 3毫米) , in the process of PCB manufacturing, figure after turning process on the shadow prone to a lot of film adhesion on the board, bolt. Eleven, large area of copper foil too close to the distance from the casing outside the large area of copper foil from outside the box should be at least 0. More than 2 mm spacing, because when milling shape such as milling on the copper foil cause copper foil case become warped and flux loss caused by the resistance problem. Twelve, appearance frame design not clear some customer in Keep layer, Board layer, Top over layer design of the contour line and the contour line is not coincidence, cause the PCB manufacturer which is difficult to judge by the contour line shall prevail. 13, surface-mount device bonding pad too short this is for on-off testing, for SMT components is too close, the spacing between the two feet is fairly small, welding plate is also quite thin, installation testing needle, must (up and down Or so) Staggered position, such as welding plate design is too short, although does not affect the device installation, but can make the test needle wrong doesn't open. 14, profiled hole too short profile hole length/width should be 2:1 or higher, the width should be & gt; 1. 0 mm, otherwise, the drilling machine in the different hole machining is the breaking of a rod, processing difficulties, increase the cost.
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