The advantages and disadvantages of introduction to combine hard and soft FPCB board

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-11

Shortcomings if only a simple combination of hard and soft plate for the & # 8221; Soft board + PCB + connector & # 8221; To compare the & # 8221; Hard and soft combination plate & # 8220; , its biggest drawback is the & # 8221; Hard and soft combination plate & # 8221; Price is more expensive, is likely to be more than the original pure & # 8221; Soft board + hard & # 8221; Price nearly doubled, but if deduct off the price of the connector or the cost of the HotBar, its price may be converged, detailed cost may also need to actuarial will have a clear outline. Another disadvantage is too furnace and may need to use the tray ( 航空公司) To support the soft board part, this virtually increases the cost of SMT assembly. Combined with plate (hard and soft Printed circuit board) Combination of hard and soft board in addition to the price, the advantages of using hard and soft combination plate has many advantages, listed as follows: 1. Can effectively save space on the circuit board and save the use of connectors or HotBar plate process for FPCB soft hard couple, have been together, so you need to use the connector originally or HotBar process of space can be dispensed with, the demand for some high density PCB board, less the space of a connector like pick up a piece of treasure. This joint is to eliminate the use of the connector parts cost or HotBar process. In addition, the space between the two pieces of boards will also can become closer because of eliminating the connector. 2. Signal transmission distance is shortened, and the speed increase, can effectively improve the reliability of traditional through connector signal transmission for the & # 8221; The circuit board - connector - soft board - - circuit board & # 8221; , and soft hard composite board signal transmit to the & # 8221; PCB to soft board, PCB & # 8221; , the signal transmission distance is shorter, signal transmission attenuation problem between different media and also reduced, generally the circuit above is copper is qualitative, and the contact terminal connector is gold-plated, is fully plated tin solder pin, and the need to use solder paste welded on the circuit board, signal transfer between different media will inevitably some attenuation, if switch to combine hard and soft board, these media will become less, the signal transmission ability can get relatively increased, to some signal high accuracy demand of products, help to improve its reliability. 3. To simplify the product assembly, save plate can reduce the SMT assembly man-hour using soft hard couple, make a working hours, because I had lost the little connector ( 连接器) The number of. Also reduce the assembly machine hours, because save insert soft board connector assembly, or save the HotBar process procedure. Also reduce the cost of spare parts management, and inventory, because the BOM table is reduced, so the management is less.                                

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