recycle old pcb components

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-19
* Update this description will show you how to recycle all the old PCB (
Printed circuit board)components.
You can find PCB in almost all electronic devices (
DVD, computer, camera, toy. . . ).
All you have to do is disassemble them and break down the components you want.
So here is how to do it step by step!
* The character of this structure has been cracked --a-
One day, in the best instructions!
First of all, you have to find electronic devices such as DVD, VHS, camera, computer, clock. . .
You don\'t use it anymore, or you find it in the trash, or you don\'t work anymore.
Then remove all the screws and remove the PCB. (
Green plate with welding parts)
Hold the PCB horizontally with a secondary handle or third hand.
Facing your welding side.
If you have a fixed vice handle, place the weld edge on one side of the hand you use to hold the soldering iron.
If you do not have this sub-handle, you can use another sub-handle to support your pcb (Pic 2)
You can also hold your Velcro get soldering iron with the third hand or assistance and start removing the components you want with the soldering iron.
Put your soldering iron tip on the soldering tin of the part you want, hold the assembly itself or one of the lead with the other hand, with pliers, when the welding heat melts, take them out.
Try not to spend time when the iron comes into contact with lead, because the ingredients will quickly become very hot and there is a risk of explosion.
If the lead is long enough, you can try putting a crocodile clip between the Assembly and the joint, which takes away most of the heat generated by the iron.
Please check the video for more information. (
Video Coming Soon)
Sometimes you come into contact with larger components with larger leads, and to help you, you can use a dewelding tool like the one on the picture to help you, it is very inexpensive, and can help you get bigger components.
To use it, heat the lead, then turn off the pump when the weld melts and click the button to absorb the weld.
Then, when you plug the mechanism back, the solder that is sucked will come out.
Be careful, because the soldering pump has plastic tip, try to avoid contact with the soldering iron and continue to remove the components with the same technology, you will get a lot of components!
Don\'t forget to recycle the parts you can recycle!
Such as metal shell and plastic board.
But you can also keep them for further projects like doing some cases. .
Recycling is important!
Don\'t forget it!
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