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by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-07
Students who hope to continue their studies abroad at the next academic conference will soon be busy applying for colleges and universities of their choice to ensure admission.
Some students who decided to study abroad asked me for a statement of their purpose (SOPs)
Edit, give them tips on how to write a good SOP, and sometimes substitute for their SOP.
I say \"yes\" to the first two types of requests, but \"no\" to the third category of requests because it is unethical to write an SOP for another person.
When these students approach me, I ask them a few questions even before looking at their SOP or providing them with any tips, such as: why do you have to write an SOP?
Why did you choose a specific country?
Why did you choose a particular university?
Which field do you want to specialize in?
Why did you choose it?
When did you become interested in it?
How passionate are you about the field you\'re going to specialize in?
What are your career goals?
After the informal interview, I told the applicant that whatever they shared with me during the interview, they had to write in a coherent way.
I also told them that their SOP should be between 500 and 700 words.
The informal interview broke the deadlock and prepared the applicant for the interview.
What is the purpose statement?
This is an application article that students applying for a foreign university graduate course need to write in order to be admitted to the course.
This important document is also called \"personal statement\" in the United States \". K.
While it is not common for students to submit SOP in most higher education institutions in India, in order to qualify for admission, personal interviews may be required.
Why do universities require SOP?
Applicants are required to prepare and submit with other forms at the time of application.
It helps colleges and universities test whether applicants are genuinely interested in the project they are applying for, whether they have the ability to execute the program and successfully complete it, and whether they are able to make a significant contribution to the Institute.
Just as a good cover letter can help candidates successfully present themselves in the job market, a good SOP can help applicants highlight their strengths when they are admitted.
There are hundreds of different products on the market, but consumers choose a specific product because they think it is better than other products for various reasons.
Similarly, an excellent SOP stands out and attracts the admissions committee for hundreds of applications.
Making SOP special 8ps is personal style, purpose, passion, preparation, potential, planning, simple English and positive attitude.
Personal contact is the quality of the individual.
The SOP is rightly referred to as a personal statement because it is a statement prepared by the applicant to indicate to the admissions committee what kind of person they are, and express their suitability for the specific person. The program they want to apply.
SOP is an individual description of the applicant\'s academic performance and wishes, revealing the applicant\'s attitude.
If the statement is written on behalf of someone, then the personal feelings of the applicant may not be reflected in the application article.
That is why it is considered unethical for the applicant to ask someone to prepare the document.
Personal documents can be handed over to someone for editing.
The purpose is the keyword in the statement of purpose.
Applicants should explain why they want to specialize in specific areas, why they have chosen specific universities/colleges, what are their career goals, and so on.
Applicants should show their clear thinking and clear expression in their personal statements.
Passion is an important feature of the great SOP.
Applicants should show their abilities to the academic programs they choose.
Only people who have passion for something can stand out in it, so it is important to express it in a fun and convincing way.
In the SOP excerpt below, an applicant explains how passionate he is in his chosen field: \"Since I started watching the speed and passion series, I became interested in cars.
I decided to choose the mechanical engineering department, even if I was pre-
College students.
After I joined the university in many different ways, I became interested in automotive engineering . . . . . . \"Potential is a person\'s ability to perform well on certain things.
Applicants should clearly state whether they have the potential to successfully implement the project of their choice.
Applicants should list some of their achievements that will make their SOP stand out.
In the SOP extract below, the applicant highlighted one of his achievements.
\"In my third time
One year undergraduate course, I was involved in a project \"SAE BAJA 2015\" organized by the Indian Association of Automotive Engineers \".
This project includes a complete manufacturing.
Terrain Vehicle (ATV).
Our team clears the virtual rounds by making innovative designs based on the rules set by SAE.
Then we started the manufacturing process followed by many automakers.
It was a great experience for me as I was involved in the whole manufacturing process.
It enhances my passion for manufacturing technology . . . . . . \"Preparation is the state of preparation for departure.
Passion alone is not enough.
The will to turn passion into action is important.
Preparation shows how applicants maintain their enthusiasm for areas they intend to specialize in.
Applicants should demonstrate their preparation for academic programs by listing what they have done and how they are prepared.
Planning is the process of making a plan to achieve a certain goal.
Applicants should briefly mention why they chose a particular university.
Recently, an applicant asked me if she should mention in the SOP that she contacted the university professor she was planning to apply for admission and asked about her field, research facilities, etc.
Yes, it was a pleasure to mention whether the applicant visited the university website, went through the profile of a professor in the Department, contacted them, learned more about the project, research opportunities, etc.
Simple English is characterized by easyto-
Understand the language, be clear and concise, and avoid gorgeous words and phrases.
Language should be simple, direct, without clichés.
Some applicants think they should prove their English well with grandiose words and phrases. No.
The use of gorgeous language in the SOP can have a negative rather than a positive impact on those who experience it.
Positive is a sign of hope and optimism.
It is important to end the SOP with a positive attitude, as shown in the following example: \"I feel that du Dortmund\'s School of Mechanical Engineering has a wealth of professionals, intense courses and a precious history of success, will be the ideal place to shape my career.
A great SOP said to the members of the admissions committee, let them say with a smile, \"the person I\'m looking for is here . \".
The author is an English professor and head of senior education at Chennai KCG Institute of Technology.
Email: rayanal @ yahooco.
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