High frequency circuit board is a special PCB electromagnetic frequency

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-26
High frequency circuit board refers to the special PCB electromagnetic frequency, used in high frequency ( Frequency is greater than 300 MHZ or wavelength is less than 1 meter) With the microwave ( Frequency is greater than 3 GHZ or wavelength less than 0. 1 meter) In the field of PCB, it is on the microwave substrate sheet using ordinary rigid circuit board manufacturing method of a part of the process or the use of special processing methods and production of circuit boards. Generally speaking, the high frequency circuit board can be defined as the frequency above 1 GHZ circuit board. With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more equipment design is at microwave frequencies (> 1 ghz) Even with the millimeter wave field ( 30 ghz) The above application, this also means that the frequency is higher and higher, also more and more high to the requirement of circuit board of the base material. Such as substrate material need has excellent electric properties, good chemical stability, with the increase of the power signal frequency on the base material loss requirement is very small, so the importance of high frequency plank will show out. PCB laminated ( PCB circuit boards) High frequency circuit board PCB applications 1, mobile communication products; 2, power amplifier, low noise amplifier, etc; 3, power splitters, decoupling and implement, duplexer, filter and other passive components; 4, car collision system, satellite system, radio system and other fields. Dongguan Rocket PCB circuit is a PCB manufacturer, focus on PCB, PCB circuit boards, PCB circuit boards, PCB circuit boards, PCB proofing, proofing, high frequency circuit board proofing, PCB circuit board, circuit board production, etc. , is committed to high-precision PCB profes sional manufacturers.
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