High density interconnect of PCB proofing ( HDI) Circuit board

by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-27
Each brother today by: PCB board factory system: Rocket PCB Solution Ltd, proofing of high-density interconnect to share: PCB ( HDI) The rapid development in the field of printed circuit board PCB HDI technology. This technology allows more intensive and smaller plate structure and the packaging, allows for a more components per square inch. Basically, it has more in less space technology. Proved that the HDI in space is smaller and more compact electronic equipment has invaluable and critical. As we know today, no HDI, mobile phones, notebook computers and high-speed performance and calculation will not be able to achieve. Examples of HDI technology include thin line and space, sequence lamination, after drilling, the conductive and conductive hole filling, blind holes, holes and buried. These are special printed circuit board technology, allows closely and miniature packaging. They also allow a higher level of performance, such as impedance control and satellite technology. Rocket PCB Solution co Ltd is a professional: PCB manufacture manufacturer, to provide you with: PCB proofing, batch plate, 1 - 34 layer PCB board, high TG board, impedance board, HDI board, Rogers plate, microwave plate, radio frequency (rf) board, LeiDaBan, thick copper foil board, such as PCB manufacturing production of various kinds of technology and material. Welcome to consult customer service for more details.
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