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by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-28
The SMT processing common hebei SMT welding processing matters now SMT processing and the present market is very big, but the price is also not clear, each SMT processing factory has its own price. Machining process is also demonstrated. The standard also has a lot of sets. And consumers would be much need to be careful. In this chaos market environment, how to choose a good SMT processing factory? Hebei fast of choosing a good SMT SMT processing plant is nothing but need to pay attention to the following three points: 1, SMT processing speed of delivery: believe most companies still don't like long wait, have to ask every day can deliver goods tomorrow? Profiteers reply basically is to want to don't want to be sure is to delivery. The result? Is good 3 days of shipment, just to give you to more than ten days before the delivery, from hope to despair waiting is enough to make people collapse. 2, the guarantee of SMT quality: compared with the speed of delivery, must be more concerned about the quality problem, slow endure to endure, turned in product all kinds of post wrong, false even tin, welding, so welding, welding plate, etc. , ten thousand (almost board gloomy, the in the mind Cao nima) That is a waste of time and money. 3, SMT processing price: cheap goods is not good, the good stuff is not cheap. Information is known to all, and certainly not necessarily, but a few hundred dollars you want to have factory give you processing: die dead tired, horse kill diarrhea, stupid to death, full, ashkenazi brand products such as work? The elder brothers you wake up, daydreaming is not good, its main was nerve-racking. The above content by the shenzhen SMT template/batch processing factories: Rocket PCB Solution Ltd, to provide the reference. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd to provide you with professional, SMT SMT, SMT processing, patch welding processing, SMT processing sample patch, patch, SMT PCBA SMT processing, SMT factory, SMT processing factory!
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