FPC flexible PCB resistance welding

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-04
The bridge is also called the green oil resistance in the circuit board production welding, resistance welding, dam, bridge is a circuit board factory batch patches, prevent the SMD components pin short circuit and do 'barrier'. If you want to control FPC soft board ( FPC flexible circuit board) Green oil bridge, you need at the time of resistance welding process control. FPC soft plate resistance welding material has two kinds: ink and cladding. FPC flexible circuit board 1, surface insulation resistance welding action; 2, in order to protect the circuit from line scars; 3, to prevent electrical conductivity caused by foreign bodies fall into the line short circuit. For solder resist ink, are generally not sensitive type, referred to as liquid photosensitive ink. Generally speaking, there are green, black, white, red, yellow, blue, etc. Covering film, generally speaking, there are yellow, black and white. Good black shading, white reflective rate is high, can be used instead of white there to back light FPC soft board ( FPC flexible circuit board) 。 FPC soft board ( FPC flexible circuit board) Can use solder resist ink, can also be used to cover the membrane resistance welding. Rocket PCB circuit board manufacturers, is a focus on high-precision multi-layer circuit board, HDI board, blind hole buried circuit boards, PCB circuit board proofing and small batch production. Which contains in the high-end electronic products SMT/PCBA processing such as core business. Double-sided FPC green oil plate ( Printed circuit board)
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