buyers\' guide: honda accord (1998-2003)

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-29
Honest John uses a new model every week to point out what is good: Re-
The agreement between the project and rebodied Swain.
Short but heavy
A good alternative to Volkswagen Passat. Five-
Additional four door hatch
1999 car from summer. 136bhp 1. 8 and 146bhp 2.
0 enough to forceFire-
The R-type breathing speed is very fast and the processing capacity is very good. Rover-
Engine diesel is now falling off the production line. up. Three-year warranty. Four-
Star performance in NCAP crash safety test.
The 620,000 fleet cars surveyed in 2001 were mostly the most reliable cars under the age of three.
Which is United\'s second largest brand in 2002?
Reliability Survey
Honda Motor is generally ranked eighth in the 2003 Warranty Direct Reliability Index, with the lowest average warranty repair cost. Ninety-
Eight of the two-year car failures
Which is the free for the first 12 months of 2004? survey.
Honda\'s Reliability Index of 2004 is second, with an average maintenance cost of £ 26. 17 with low 19.
There are 62 failures per 100 Warranty Direct policy.
Bad: Report of problems with manual gearbox.
Printed circuit boards that control automatic loads have serious problems
The Rs-type compensated headlight beam regulator may be the subject of a safety recall.
A new agreement was issued in the summer of 2003.
Recall: 2000: agreement built in July 1998
July 1999: Check if the throttle is stuck.
2001: check the safety recall of the brakes.
TSBs install the plastic sleeve on the door lock to solve the rattle and check the tension of the auxiliary belt as too much will wear the pump bearing.
May 2002: The ignition contact point may fail at speed, causing the car to stall from 1997 to 2000.
Official Recall on June 2002: premature wear of electrical contacts in the ignition switch leads to flameout;
Install the new switch (
Impact 53,175 Honda).
July 2003: 25,413 agreements were recalled because the rear seat belt may not be recovered normally due to the rupture of the strap;
Check all seat belts in the car and replace the faulty spool.
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