Board is more and more empty is not necessarily a shrink, look from the PCB layout SSD integration development

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-25
PCB board is more and more empty ( Element number less) Is not necessarily a bad thing, just like the computer motherboard common lightning protection chip, now the main lightning protection functions have been integrated into the RJ45 network interface components. A few years ago and low-end motherboard manufacturer with independent lightning protection chip ( Network filter) When selling point hype, players now have already see through this when advanced tricks behind. SSD multilayer circuit board apart a contemporary most advanced 3 d flash SATA solid-state drives, see big probability is a few particles of flash memory, a DRAM cache with main control chip. Today, no external cache type scheme has become a standard configuration of SATA solid-state drives. FTL algorithm, are optimized by the built-in small amounts of SRAM cache supplemented by Toshiba TR200 such as DRAM cache SSD can play a good random read/write performance. SSD PCB back three years ago, that time has just come out of the first generation of Toshiba 2 DTLC SSD Q300 DRAM cache 8 channel master use collocation, thickly dotted configuration of flash particles makes the whole PCB is very full, but it is almost no difference, and the performance of the TR200 even more empty in some ways than the board TR200. SSD PCB of Toshiba RC100 this year is to refresh the public impression for solid-state drives, in M. Mini PCB, only a single chip 22242, clearly is the smallest M. 2 solid-state drives, but still look 'empty' : we will RC100 SSD circuit boards with a classic SATA SSD and dismantling figure, will find that in addition to DRAM cache, several other components also disappear: SSD PCB first is the small black in the box above the red chips - — A serial port NOR flash memory. Only about 1 MB capacity it is bearing the weight of the role of the firmware stored in the middle of the solid-state drives, similar to the BIOS chip on the motherboard. Contemporary master of SSD has own ROM space, independent of NOR flash memory chip is no longer needed. Master the bottom right hand corner yellow box plugin crystals is another element that is disappearing in SSD. At present most of the giant SSDS crystals have been integrated into the chip inside. Plugins are SSD Toshiba RC100 crystals will master and flash and made a great integration, they are encapsulated inside a grain, reduce PCB wiring at the same time, also makes the overall more compact solid-state drives. In addition to M solid-state hard disk. 22242, it can also make it smaller M. 22230 specifications, even be integrated into the thin and light notebook computer directly to the motherboard. SSD PCB PCBA RC100 use Toshiba BiCS3 flash memory USES the 64 layer 3 d stacked manufacture process, the capacity of a single grain 256 gb, you only need to 16 flash grain encapsulation, along with the master only can obtain a chip 480 gbnvme solid-state drives. As SSD RC100 also NVMe agreement without external DRAM cache, through NVMe agreement HostMemoryBuffer host memory speed characteristics, RC100 just borrow the host 38 MB of memory capacity, can be like with external DRAM cache NVMe SSD as work efficiently. As the 96 - storey BiCS4 flash memory and the mass production of QLC technology, the next single chip NVMe SSD will have the opportunity to realize one. 33 terabytes of mass storage space, you will also miss components of old SSD? Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multilayer PCB, HDI, blind hole buried plate, thick copper PCB PCB proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit board production and PCB board production.
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