xiaomi sets up new mfg units in india for smartphones, pcbs

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-13
New Delhi, April 9 ()
Chinese handset maker Xiaomi said today that it has set up three new smartphone manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, as well as a printed circuit board factory (PCB)
Manufacturing in India
Although the company did not disclose details of its investment, the company said the move would double its manufacturing capacity in India.
\"We had two smart phone manufacturing factories before.
Now we have added more in Sri Lanka City, Andhra Pradesh and Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.
\"These are all working with Foxconn,\" Xiaomi vice president and India general manager Manu Jaun told reporters here . \".
In addition, Noida is also working with another partner to produce a small number of mobile phones.
He added.
With that, he said, the company can now produce two phones per second during operating hours.
The facilities employ 10,000 people, including women, Jain added.
Xiaomi has also partnered with Foxconn to set up a new PCB assembly department in Sriperumbudur.
\"We are committed to manufacturing in India.
PCB is half the value of a mobile phone. . .
\"By the third quarter, all Xiaomi phones made in India will have locally assembled pcb,\" he said . \".
Xiaomi is one of the top three smartphone manufacturers in India, with more than 50 global suppliers in India.
The companies will visit Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh to explore investment opportunities to build local manufacturing bases.
\"If these companies choose to invest here, investing in more than Rs 15,000 can create jobs for 50,000 people,\" Jain said . \".
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