the important lesson entrepreneurs can learn from the $1 million-dollar apple computer that sparked a revolution

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-21
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak designed the first Apple computer for themselves because they were broken.
In order to pay for the inauguration machine, they did what many young entrepreneurs did when they started their business: they sold their precious property as capital.
Wozniak sold his luxury HP calculator and Jobs sold his Volkswagen bus.
With their cash, they started doing business. -almost.
Next, they \"liberated some parts\" from their employers \".
Wozniak\'s workplace, where Hewlett-Packard and Jobs\'s employer, Yali, broke apart, rolls up their sleeves and starts working.
There, in the garage of Jobs\'s childhood in Los Altos, California.
Wozniak \"slept until four in the morning of many moons\" Jimmy-
Assemble the bulky \"microcomputer\" machines together.
When they finally got a working prototype-Apple 1, Jobs had the eye to sell it.
It was in the summer of 1976.
\"When we started, we had no idea what people would do with these things,\" the late Steve Jobs recalled in 1980, when he was full of nostalgia for the birth of Apple, now Apple, Inc.
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Founder Steve Wozniak sweetly described how he fell in love with technology in an interesting Reddit video, which is the most unique and probably the first, the existing Apple 1 will be auctioned on Charitybuzz.
Called \"celebrating\" Apple 1 by computer historian Corey Cohen, it is expected to receive $1 million.
Cohen, who certified the computer for Charitybuzz, told entrepreneurs that technical artifacts are-of-a-kind find.
This is because not only is there about 60 to 70 Apple 1 still exists, but also because of this original
Condition collection function blank printed circuit board, never sold to the public and--
This is the player--
Cohen claimed that Jobs was \"very likely\" to handle the matter himself \". (
He doesn\'t think WozniakThe inventor-
The engineer may be so busy with his day-to-day work, writing basic code that it is impossible to craft a new Apple computer on a yellow mat. )
\"Apple\'s 1 board is not just a piece of history, it\'s also a piece of art,\" Cohen said . \".
\"Unlike the other Apple 1 we \'ve seen, its components are actually of better quality.
This is Apple\'s rookie baseball card, the unicorn with the biggest horn in the forest.
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Set $905,000 Cohen says another reason to \"celebrate\" the Apple month is something special: it does a good job of demonstrating that Wozniak and the jobmaker must be smarter than a startup.
\"The RAM chips on it are very expensive and the RAM chips on all the other boards are relatively not expensive,\" he said . \".
\"So they seem to be playing with how cheap they can make future models and see what alternative components they can use to make the cheapest models, which will be very much in line with what Steve Jobs will do ---
Find the cheapest component he can find and expand.
\"If entrepreneurs can learn a lesson from the background story behind this Apple 1, according to longtime entrepreneur Cohen, it\'s to take advantage of the existing mass
Production Technology--
The manufacturing technology behind it-
In the most witty and innovative way.
Doing so will allow your business to start quickly and, most importantly, cheap.
He said: \"Jobs and Wozniak have applied an electronic manufacturing technology for other things, such as radio and Yali machines, things in the defense industry, to produce a board that is mainly assembled, so they don\'t have to take a few weeks to make these things.
This allows them to deliver their top 50 PCs within 30 days, with a backbone team of two or three people in the garage.
This shows that once you have assembled products, you can make assembled products cheaper to maximize your profits and succeed in a very short period of time.
\"Borrow, modify, invent and re-invent at a cheaper price.
It is this piecemeal startup model that enables Apple to drive the PC revolution and innovation over and over again.
Related: Cohen said that \"Steve Jobs\" is a fascinating exploration of the complexity of genius, another example of how jobs adjusted the existing technology to \"design for something completely different\" to improve Apple, he signed an exclusive contract with glass manufacturing giant Corning.
\"He went to Corning and he basically said, \'You know you think Gorilla Glass is a failure?
I want it, \"as a result, the first smartphone with scratch --
This is a huge success, the iphone is still the world\'s top.
Sellers until today.
But let\'s go back to the present
Outdated technology paved the way for Apple to become a multi-mushroombillion-
Dollar Company--
The humble \"celebration\" of Apple 1 and the competition with bragging rights.
Fortunately, the auction will last until August if you have the ability to bid.
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Association benefited from 10% of the benefits.
So far, there are three tenders in the book.
As of the date of writing this report, the maximum amount was $270,000.
As for Cohen, he would rather not know how much money this historic site has, \"This is a typical apple if you are a collector \".
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