The impedance of the circuit board is associated with what factors

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-26
In short: impedance circuit board refers to the need for impedance control circuit board. Impedance control means under a high frequency signal, a line of its reference layer, the 'resistance' of the signal in the transmission must be controlled in rated range, can ensure the signal during transmission distortion. Circuit impedance control is actually make the system each part has the same impedance value, namely the impedance matching. In terms of PCB circuit board manufacturing, affects the impedance and the key factors mainly include: W & # 8212; - - - - - - Line width/line between the line width increasing impedance decreases, the impedance increase; H— - - - - - - The thickness of the insulation thickness increased impedance; T— - - - - - - Copper thick copper thickness increases impedance decreases; H1— The green degree of thick oil increases impedance decreases; Er— - - - - - - Dielectric constant reference layer DK value increases, the impedance decreases; 削弱, - - - - - - W1 - Wundercut increase, impedance. Note: in fact resistance welding also have an impact on the circuit impedance, just because of the resistance welding layer on the medium, which resulted in increased dielectric constant, will this be attributed to the influence of the dielectric constant, the impedance value will be reduced about 4%. 10 layers of HDI PCB ( PCB circuit boards)
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