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by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-28
With the progress of science and technology, electronic products in our daily life gradually popular, especially when cell phones and other electronic products with our life. So, like mobile phones and other electronic products in the circuit board is how to make? Believe that everyone would like to know something. Today Rocket brought everyone together into the circuit board PCB circuit in the world. About the multilayer circuit board production, first according to the need to implement the function of electronic products, draw the circuit principle diagram, have special drawing tools, like the various components with wire. Then, PCB circuit board design software will be based on the principle of the circuit diagram to generate physical connection file, connect all the components, connected place in actual production are very thin thin copper sheet, can conduct electricity. Such a piece of PCB circuit boards is ready, then completes the document sent to a special multilayer circuit board production, production plant is made into the actual circuit board. But from the circuit board production factory production of multilayer printed circuit board is no element, it is just some cable connections. Like is electrical wiring, take all the required for the position of electrical appliances, put all the wires connected. In the end we have to do is take these components installed. We need to use the element, with soldering welding to the designated location, then the whole multilayer circuit board is formed the actual work circuit, can realize the function want to achieve. Circuit board of the whole production process is like this, don't know whether all of multilayer circuit board have further connection. Rocket PCB factory small make up today is to introduce you to so much, if you have questions, you are welcome to ask questions.
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