reports of chemical in fish initially withheld

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1975 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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According to State Department officials, state Department of Environmental Protection staff were told at least five years ago about the number of unhealthy PCBs in fish, but did not report their findings to the commissioner\'s office.
Meanwhile, Commissioner Ogden R.
Reid reported that on the Hudson River 20 miles south of Albany, unhealthy toxic chemicals were detected in Bass, a pickup and a small-mouth bass.
Previous PCB warnings only mention salmon caught from Lake Ontario and striped bass caught from the Hudson River.
\"I think it\'s a failure here,\" he said . \"
Reid, who took office in last January, only learned about PCB levels through federal sources.
\"It\'s clear that different departments don\'t always talk to each other, and it seems that we need a major administrative reform.
\"Salmon sales in the Fulton Fish Market have fallen sharply due to PCB warnings, although all salmon there are from the West Coast.
The West Coast has detected PCB problems in recent years, but there is no data to suggest that salmon sold in the Fulton Fish Market contain PCB.
AdvertisementBass, who runs Joe Monani fish, still sells Monani, saying, \"if the government reports all the strange things about beef, pork, chicken and everything else, we are scared and may starve to death.
The market for striped bass has weakened, but it is not as good as salmon, he said.
Advertised Dewey, owner of the Brooklyn Gage & Toliner restaurant, who said he had taken the striped bass off the menu, before he knows more clearly whether the bass in New England waters is from the Hudson River, he will put it aside and be contaminated with more than five out of a million PCB.
The federal government says fish containing more than five out of a million PCB are not suitable for consumption and should not be transported in interstate trade.
Began in last August. 8, when Mr.
Dr. Reid joined.
State health commissioner Robert Whelan has warned consumers not to eat striped bass from the Hudson River or salmon from Lake Michigan after discovering that PCBs are above federal standards.
Five companies in the state make capacitors, transformers and other electrical equipment using pcb.
Federal researchers found 350 rock bass per million near two GE factories in Fort Edward and Hudson Falls 50 miles north of Albany.
State scientists also found that striped bass content was high near the Tapan Zee Bridge, less than 20 miles north of New York City. Mr.
Reid was even more frustrated when he found data with high PCB readings for salmon in Ontario on 1970 and 1972.
Some fish are several times higher than the federal standard recommended for human consumption.
The National Environment Department\'s document also contains 1972 reports showing high PCB readings for big mouth and small mouth bass, Pike and Stone King taken in the Central Hudson area.
Based on the results of all tests, more than half of the fish contains PCB that exceeds federal health standards.
There are also warnings from citizens in the advertisement. On Feb.
Robert H. 1971
Sports Illustrated veteran writer and avid fisherman Boyle wrote to Carl Parker, director of the department\'s fisheries bureau, informing him, he has sent six Hudson River striped bass to the Warf Institute in Wis Madison.
For laboratory analysis. Mr.
The test showed 11, Boyle said.
4 and 4 out of millions of PCB in eggs.
01 out of millions of meat.
\"These numbers are grim. Of course, I think the state should warn fishermen not to eat fish eggs . \"Boyle wrote. Mr.
Parker did not comment, but his office recently asked Mr Parker to provide another copy of the letter
Boyle, he has received his original.
However, it cannot be found in the status file.
State and federal officials have received a list of companies using PCB in the past few days.
These lists are provided by the only PCB manufacturer in the United States.
Monsanto Chemical Company
In 1974, two GE companies bought five.
7 million PCB.
State officials believe the company dumped an average of 30 pounds a day into the river this year.
It is reported that this amount has decreased this year.
The company has the right to dump the PCB into the river under a license granted by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.
An environmental protection group at the Hudson River Sloop Restoration says its research shows that the license actually gives the company the right to dump as many PCB as possible into the river.
So far, only GE has been recorded as putting the PCB into the Hudson River.
However, other companies are buying a lot.
The purchase figures for these companies and their 1974 are as follows: Niagara transformer, Buffalo, 440,000 pounds;
York, Brooklyn, 550,000 pounds; R. F.
Comprehensive Bay Shore, 11,000 pounds.
And Axel electronics in Jamaica, Queens, a subsidiary of General Signal Corporation, 288 Park Avenue, 5,500 pounds.
A version of this file was printed on page 44 of the New York edition on August 17, 1975 under the title: Fish chemical reports originally detained.
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