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by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-26
Breadboards make it easy to create temporary prototypes and try circuit designs, but they are not very reliable if you plan to actually use it.
At some point you will build a circuit that you want to make it more permanent.
The best way to make your project more durable is to make it into a printed circuit board (PCB).
Many engineers will produce PCB at home, or choose the PCB manufacturer to manufacture PCB.
As we know, you can etching the pcb at home in a process similar to developing a print from photographic film.
However, this method is confusing and uses a lot of chemicals.
It\'s much easier (and cheaper)
Send your design to the PCB manufacturer to make the board.
There are a lot of PCB manufacturers, but cheaper is usually better for prototype purposes.
EasyEDA is a free-to-use full range of schematic and PCB design software/manufacturing services that offer a high price in custom PCB manufacturing.
Starting with designing the PCB, here is a beautiful tutorial explaining how to make the PCB using EasyEDA.
After completing the PCB design, you can order the PCB directly from EasyEDA.
EasyEDA offers fast, cheap prototyping services.
They offer online instant quotes, fast manufacturing and competitive prices, saving customers a lot of time and money.
There is a pricing calculator, and the cheapest option is 10 of the 50mm x 50mm motherboard, up to 9. 8USD.
10 of the 100mm x 100mm boards are 17. 6USD.
For larger motherboards, 5 are cheaper than 10.
This service provides customers with many customized product options, such as quantity, number of layers, PCB thickness, size, color, etc. , to provide PCB manufacturing services to customers.
The order step process is also very simple. Here are the PCB order steps: as long as your documents meet the requirements, it is so simple that you can get the pcb in a few days!
At the same time, EasyEDA provides users with the ability to download Gerber files that can be downloaded for free and can be used with any PCB fab house: there is no connection with EasyEDA.
EasyEDA even offers PCB assembly.
Before PCB Gerber generation, you can also import existing designs completed in altro, Eagle, and KiCad and edit them in EasyEDA.
In addition, it is also possible to submit 3rd party gerber such as Eagle, pad or alfresco Design to EasyEDA.
Welcome to visit \"how to order PCB\" on the EasyEDA page for more details about PCB manufacturing services.
EasyEDA PCB reviews I ordered 6 different PCBs from these people and I found them to be of very good quality and competitive price.
Most motherboards are built in, whether in the test or with the customer, here is the latest picture that is not a surface installation, and an old picture of the old version.
Delivery to New Zealand is usually fast and if they come up with a board assembly service (hint, hint)
I will do more work with them. --
Comments by Rodyne on EasyEDA Forum
Order 5 2-PCBI-
Pcb with layers delivered to Germany.
The entire process from submitting an order to receiving a product takes about 1/2 weeks.
Also I got an extra PCB and the import is tariff-free.
Short and sweet: short delivery time, cheap price, high quality, complete satisfaction.
Easyeda is worth recommending. ---
EasyEDA review issues a pair from MartinOshpark shopper Laen
Weekly PCB orders.
$5 per square. inch. for 3 copies.
The quality is very good, the board is made in China, the price of your board includes the freight.
It takes up to 9 days. Not cost-
It is effective for generating a small number of runs, but it is good for Test/trial design.
All of the designs are Golden purple masks
Small Batch 1 and double panel plating effect is very good.
Their headquarters are based in Bulgaria, but they deliver goods on a global scale and the turnaround time is usually 3-
5 days plus delivery time (
Depending on the method of choice.
The price includes tooling and reasonable standard board specifications.
They do provide additional board variants at a small extra cost. BatchPCB (
SparkFun molding)
They have a \"prototype\" service for $10 $2. 50 per sq in.
They use Golden Phoenix as their downstream supplier, which may be good for most small projects, but note that it may take 3 weeks to get a pcb (
They are low priority products made in China)
The price of 10 double layers 5 cm x 5 cm is $9. 90.
The price of 10 double layers 10 cm x 10 cm is $21. 90.
You can purchase larger pcb through their service, but the price is no longer competitive when the size is over 10 cm x 10 cm.
ITeadStudio PCB prototypes they have standard sizes and services but they offer good quality and they claim to be able to reduce the line width and spacing to 6 miles.
Price example: 10 cm x 10 cm double layer, 2 xsoldermask 2xsilkscreen 28, 00 $ (
Now for $24, 90plus shipping.
Dirty PCBs 5cm max 5cm, 2 layers /-
10 copies, 100% e-
Test, any color: $1410 cm, up to 10 cm, 2 layers ,/-
10 copies, 100% e-
Test, any color: You can also go to shopshopper when you are ready to order the pcb.
This allows you to purchase the cheapest PCB prototype manufacturer.
The size, number of layers, preferred solder mask plate color and quantity of your input plate, the website will tell you the prototype cost of different manufacturers.
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