powerhouse designer karim rashid presents at ids vancouver

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-09
Karim Rashid is a powerful country in the design community, with thousands of designs in production, projects from renovation of the University of Naples Metro station in Naples, Italy to interior decoration of luxury hotels, design work for brands like Citibank and work in 20 permanent collections.
As a keynote speaker for IDS Vancouver, he will share the inspiration to make him such a prolific designer.
\"I hope I can inspire a lot of people. This is my goal.
\"I realized that being is not what I really designed, it\'s more about motivating others,\" he said . \".
Rashid never lacks inspiration.
\"I have a lot of ideas, I have a lot of things I want to do.
There are more things I want to do than opportunities.
His personal declaration guided and explained his work.
He pointed out in the book: \"Every enterprise should pay full attention to beauty --
This is, after all, the collective needs of mankind.
But he quickly clarified that he did not mention the beauty industry.
He explained that beauty is when content and the harmonious work that people perceive.
He took the chair of Charles Ames as an example.
\"This is the invention of ideas, content, intelligence, materials, and all these [together]
\"A beautiful chair was created,\" he said . \".
This also applies to a painting.
\"This is the concept behind the paint, then the physical color and the paint itself.
When these things work in harmony, we think it is beautiful.
Rashid, who has a firm eye on the contemporary world, says he never looks for inspiration from the past.
As an explanation, he talked about the phone he designed for OPPO.
\"I have to work with [the engineer]in China]
Work with the design team to find and find the perfect material.
From the printed circuit board to the screen, from the material to the interface of the shape, everything that makes this small physical object is about \"now \".
These are all contemporary standards.
This has nothing to do with the past. And [one]
\"It is not possible to get into the past to make a mobile phone,\" he added . \".
Looking back on his career, he recalled a turning point when he realized he needed to find his own inspiration.
\"When I was a young designer, I looked at what other designers were doing and the history of design,\" he said . \".
\"When I began to realize that I would never have my own ideas if I continued to look for them, I was in my 30 s and in my 40 s.
He said that he took a step back and asked himself, \"am I dealing with human social behavior? Am I trying to shape a new experience ? \"?
Do I want to inspire people to see things they \'ve never seen before?
These are my agenda.
\"If these are my agenda, then I can\'t sit there and be left in the way of the status quo,\" he said . \".
What is his interest now?
\"Seek global peace.
Live in a world without borders and borders.
\"I am serious,\" he said . \".
\"The whole earth belongs to all of us.
So what really excites me is to think about a global utopia, a better world.
I don\'t know what this has to do with my work, but it\'s my biggest interest.
Rashid likes to be alone, often in museums and galleries.
Sometimes he relive his passion when he was a teenager.
It was the era of vinyl records at the time, but now, with the advent of electronic music, he says it\'s easier, it\'s a button issue.
But this is a good memory of those early spin discs that helped him pay through the university, let Rashid find time at any time as a DJ to go back to the proverbial turntable to design event parties or charity fundraisers.
Karim Rashid will address the Vancouver IDS at three o\'clock P. M. on Sunday, September 23. m.
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