planning to wake up with a hangover? you need an emergency bacon button: hacker reveals custom takeaway ordering system

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-22
Push button; receive bacon.
Don\'t you want things to be so simple?
Now, thanks to an amateur hardware developer in Greece, they did it.
Inspired by the Amazon dashboard button, tech enthusiast Stavros korokitakis created the \"emergency food button\" to make a la carte --step process.
Scroll down to view the video, detailing the build and coding process on his site, explaining that the idea stems from his own inclination;
He is too lazy to cook.
Emergency food button for people who order frequently (EFB)
Without going through the stages of ordering, such as logging in, choosing dishes, and waiting for confirmation, the food can be delivered to your doorstep.
Korokithakis built the prototype using KiCad, an open source program for designing electronics.
After drawing the schematic and connecting the wires, Korokithakis-
Who is actually a software developer?
Program this button to connect to the WiFi network and issue commands to the selected domain.
The developer then designed a unique printed circuit board (PCB)
To fit inside-
Component in the button.
Once completed, the EFB will \"wake up\" and order food.
Korokithakis notes that this is a minor issue because even without pressing the button, it keeps ordering food when it wakes up.
So behavior like replacing a battery could lead to an unexpected appearance of Greek food at his doorstep.
To fix this, he also implemented a \"enable\" switch to make sure the button works at the scheduled time.
Once all the parts are integrated, the Emergency Food Button will be installed on the wall, allowing korokithiakis to ship the food at a convenient time.
Moreover, since the details of the project are provided on his website, this button can be DIY for other hungry tech enthusiasts.
The EFB was inspired by the Dash Button that Amazon released earlier this year.
Big buttons that support WiFi can be used to re-order common household products such as washing powder and even drinks.
You can put a separate dashboard button on the refrigerator or washing machine and brand it on each product.
The qualified products of Dash Button include toilet paper, cleaning products, juice, personal beauty products, dog food and so on.
Some products are even automatic.
If the consumer has enabled the feature, detect when they need to replace the supplies and order them immediately.
The company is also working with home appliance manufacturers to develop machines ordered by itself
Like a coffee machine, it knows when you don\'t have enough coffee beans.
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