PCB: why do you want to leave a technological edge

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-29
PCB is important electronic components, electronic components of the support body, is the carrier of electronic electrical connection. In the process of PCB production, need to leave a technological edge for PCB circuit board, then the PCB circuit boards: why do you want to leave a certain technological edge? PCB technology edge is actually in order to assist the production plug-in be out of tune, welding peaks on both sides of the PCB board or sides increased, mainly in order to assist the production, is not part of the PCB board, after completion of the manufacture can go away. Leave process edge is the main reason of the SMT placement machine orbit is used to grip the PCB and flows through the placement machine, so too close to the tracks of components in the SMT placement machine suction nozzle absorbing components onto the PCB, and pasted on the hit a occur, unable to complete the production, a certain amount of process, so you must like 2 ~ 5 mm and so on. Likewise, can also be applied to some plug-in components, to prevent a similar phenomenon when after wave soldering. Above is the dongguan Rocket PCB manufacturers to introduce the relevant PCB why leave analysis, on the edge of a certain process, hope you can provide a reference for everyone.
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