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by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-30
For a circuit board proofing needs of customers, the most headache problem is dongguan proofing PCB manufacturer of choice. Search in the search engine, the many are PCB manufacturer's name, which is more to a resolution not to come out in the tiger which is mice. So, what are the advantages of PCB proofing manufacturer is you choose? 1, have good production process: while the batch for PCB proofing, should try to choose proofing process diversification, service first-class PCB manufacturers, such as can satisfy tin, zedoary, osp surface treatment technology, such as to ensure the quality of the PCB. Double-sided circuit boards goldfinger add plating hole 2, has the strict quality supervision system: PCB circuit board is different from other products, for circuit board manufacturing precision demand is higher, if the PCB proofing manufacturers have strict supervision and management system, such as a raw material for IQC inspection management, OQC test delivery inspection, QE inspection standards and quality assurance, QA, explain its PCB products are high quality, worthy of your choice. 3, has a high yield of shipping rate: for maximum guarantee the consistency of the PCB, ensure that the performance of the products, when choosing PCB proofing manufacturers should pay attention to the product rate, has a high rate of the manufacturers, explain its advanced equipment, production of PCB sample quality is high. 4, have detailed after-sales service terms: users should pay attention to the after-sale service terms, circuit board manufacturers try to choose perfect after-sales system proofing, strong after-sale protection of PCB manufacturers. If the dongguan PCB proofing manufacturers have said above these advantages, is worthy of your choice and trust. Such as: dongguan Rocket PCB circuit, the company have professional production management team, and has advanced automation equipment, production process and product quality is good, many users tend to choose for the market of PCB proofing manufacturers.
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