PCB PCB of proofing requirements

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-16
Now in all kinds of enterprise development is especially pay attention to the quality of products is, in the manufacturing in terms of improving the quality of the products of industry also plays an important role in word of mouth, in PCB PCB circuit board manufacturing industry with good quality, so many before the production will be a multilayer PCB PCB manufacturer proofing to verify the performance of the circuit design is in line with the requirements. Rocket PCB below small make up take a look at all of the circuit PCB PCB proofing what are the requirements! 1, tidy appearance: SSD PCB PCB PCB when proofing need to pull out of the product appearance smooth edges no burr, there will be no bubbles between wires and solder resist film layering phenomenon, in such a neat appearance requirement under PCB multilayer circuit board can ensure better welding effect, can be used for a long time does not exist when using connection problems of blocked, and this kind of appearance clean sex and ensure that the businessman multilayer circuit board in accordance with the actual production of PCB with the appearance of the requirements. 2, CAM optimization requirements: want to get more high quality PCB PCB is related to the CAM processing when proofing, this approach to adjust the spacing between welding plate and line width to achieve optimization, only in this way can ensure the PCB circuit interaction between multilayer circuit board has a better signal, make the quality of the power circuit board proofing more superior. 3, reasonable PCB process requirements: colorful structure board also need to study it after the proofing process is reasonable, such as whether there might be lines between mutual interference problems, and in the welding of tin solder connection on the question whether good also is particularly important in this kind of design can also make PCB PCB production of electronic components to ensure longer running smoothly. This is the basic requirement of PCB PCB of proofing, high-quality proofing can make PCB PCB with higher quality, to ensure the quality and correct after can undertake production, therefore improve PCB PCB requirements for the design of reasonable planning and to better PCB PCB production. Businesses through the optimization way can make the PCB PCB presents more highlights the use of more stable performance, to the PCB PCB production industry in our country brings more help.
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