PCB PCB and FPC have what specific difference

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-23
1. In terms of PCB circuit board, is known as a printed circuit board ( Printed circuit board) , often referred to as hard. Is electronic components of the support body, it is important to electronic parts. PCB circuit boards FR4 is commonly used in glass fiber board base material, also called a hard board, cannot bend, bend. PCB circuit boards commonly used in some bending don't need to please to have more strength, such as computer motherboard, mobile phone motherboard, etc. 2. The FPC, actually is a kind of PCB circuit boards, but with the traditional printed circuit board and there is a big discrepancy. Call it a soft board, called the deflection circuit board. FPC generally do with PI base material, is a flexible material, can be bent, arbitrary flexure. FPC general operating in the need to repeat flexure and a few small parts link, but now is not only that, the intelligent mobile phone is want to flexible prevent, this would require the use of FPC is a key technology. 3. Deflection of PCB, FPC is not only can at the same time it also become the important design way of the three-dimensional structure, this structure with other electronic product design, can build a variety of different applications, therefore, from this point of view, FPC and PCB circuit board are very different. 4. For PCB circuit boards, unless in the form of filling film adhesive will make a stereo in the form of a line, otherwise the circuit board in the general conditions are flat. So to make full use of the stereo space, FPC is a good solution. In terms of hard board, the common space extension project is using slot and interface card, but the FPC as long as to speak to design can make the similar structure, and the design direction is elastic. A connection FPC, can be used to connect the two pieces of board and system into a set of parallel lines, also can turn into any Angle to adapt to different product shape design. 5. FPC terminal connections may be used for wiring, of course, but also can use hard and soft board to avoid these connecting mechanism, a single FPC can use layout configuration many hard board and connection. This kind of practice without the connector and terminal interference, can improve the signal quality and product reliability.
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