PCB manufacturer to introduce you to the role of micro section

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-03
Micro chip to the circuit board, is just as X-ray for doctors, can be used to find out the truth of the problem, to help solve the problem, and still can crack the mystery of the various new processes and new. Good section often have unexpected discoveries, let people often get a sense of achievement. Industry engineers should practice and is widely used, dongguan today Rocket PCB circuit board manufacturer small make up a small experience, introduce you to the role of micro section. In dongguan, circuit board manufacturers or other areas, making circuit board sample after micro section production process, first is to have the sealing glue ( Other board sample) With glue ( In view of the hole) , the purpose is in the process of grinding and polishing of dynamic, avoid slim like improper damage. Especially the latter will try to be full hole filled, to reduce the occurrence of bubble, to ensure that the sample detail of real and photographic images of beautiful. Once there was a bubble hole, hard-won precious sample again, the production results is not be over, but at least significant flaws in the picture, the defects cannot save, whether study or to use its clouded the results are hard to avoid the regret. Rubber sealant filled the heaviest is does not produce 'bubble'. As for the selected plastic material is easy to use, in principle, such as professional supplier of all kinds of acrylic Buehler transparent powder best, but the price is very expensive, more commonly used substitute for DexterHysol 'Epoxi - Patch ', also known as AB glue, such as small toothpaste double fluid model, principal component for the 'DielthyleneTriamine' class. Commonly used the main agent of resin paste to 2. 54 oz, and hardener dose anointed the capacity of 0. 81oz。 Its use glue quantity can be according to the sample amount and the way to allocate 3-1, save and the formation of the 'coupon' small good transparency, hardness also enough, observe preservation are very appropriate, is the domestic industry has found a secret weapon. The existence of micro chip to the circuit board is so subtle, the role of micro section to the circuit board is also very important, in our PCB manufacturer ( Dongguan circuit board) According to the above information, understand the role of micro section?
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