PCB heavy gold PCB oxidation analysis and improvement measures

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-27
In view of the PCB circuit board industry common heavy gold plate oxidation bad problem, Rocket PCB circuit becomes a discussion group, participants including quality, technology, customer service and supplier, to discuss and improve the problem. After a week of field observation and experiment, the problems are improved comprehensively. Zedoary below PCB circuit boards of oxidation, and after discussing the implementation of the improving countermeasures as follows: one, heavy gold PCB oxidation negative images: oxidation bad picture 2, zedoary zedoary board PCB oxidation: zedoary circuit board is gold surface oxide impurities pollution, attached to the impurity on the surface of the gold after oxidation discoloration caused we often say that gold surface oxidation. In fact gold surface oxidation of inaccurate, gold is an inert metal, will not happen under normal conditions of oxidation, and attached to the gold surface impurities such as copper ions, nickel ions, microorganism under normal circumstances, such as easy oxidation to form gold surface oxide. Found by observing the gold plate oxidation basically has the following characteristics: 1, the improper operation of pollutants attached in gold surface, for example: not clean gloves, gold finger contact surface, gold plate and clean the table, not directly touch the location of the gold plate welding plate, plate contact pollution etc. Such oxidation, larger area may also appear in the adjacent multiple welding plate, easy to clean appearance color shallow. 2 and half plug hole, hole near the small range of oxidation; This type of oxidation is because half of the plug hole hole or liquid not clean or hole residual moisture, finished product storage potions along the wall of hole slowly spread to the gold surface brown oxide; 3, poor water quality in water body of impurity adsorption on the gold, for example: zedoary after washing, finished washing machine washing; Such oxidation area is lesser, often appear on the edge part of individual pads, show obvious stain shape; Gold plate welding plate will be stranded after washing water droplets, if more impurities in water, plate under the condition of high temperature water quickly evaporates contraction to the corners, water evaporation after impurities completely cured in the corners of bonding pad; Zedoary after washed, and finished washing machine washing is the main pollutant of the microscopic fungi, especially the use of DI water tub is more suitable for fungi reproduction, the best testing method is bare hands touch the tank wall corner, look to whether have smooth feeling, if you have, the water has pollution; 4, analyze customer return board, found that the gold surface density is poorer, nickel surface has a slight corrosion phenomena, and oxidation of Cu containing abnormal elements, the copper is likely due to nickel gold compactness is poorer, copper ion migration, caused by the oxidation after removing, still will grow, there is oxidation risk again. Three, heavy gold plate oxidation fishbone diagram analysis ( According to the man, machine, material, method, ring) : heavy gold plate oxidation fishbone diagram analysis ( According to the man, machine, material, method, ring)
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