PCB circuit boards the difference between the positive and negative

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-22
We speak of the negative: PCB circuit board are usually tenting process, the use of acid etching solution for negative because film making, to the line or copper surface is transparent, and not part of it is black, after line process exposure, transparent part because of dry film resistance agent light chemistry hardening, the next development process will take no hardened dry film hedge, so just bite in the etching process dry membrane rinse of copper foil ( Black film part) Wash it, and keep dry film is not belong to us to line ( Part of the transparent film) PCB circuit boards feature: usually we speak of the pattern process, the use of yao as the alkaline etching solution if positive to negative, to the line or copper surface is black, and not part of it is transparent, in the same way after line process exposure, transparent part because of dry film resistance agent light chemistry hardening, the next development process will take no hardened dry film hedge, followed by lead tin plating process, the tin lead plating in the previous process ( Development) Dry film hedge copper surface, and then to membrane action ( Remove hardened dry film) due to light , and in the next process etching, bite off no tin lead with alkaline yao water protection of copper foil ( The part of transparent film) , the other is the line ( Black film part) Positive and negative is according to the circuit board factory process to select, is positive: ( Double-sided printed circuit board) Cutting - Drilling - 甲状旁腺素( A copper plating is also called the thickening) - - - - - - Line - Two copper ( Graphical plating) Then go SES line ( Back film - Etch - Annealing tin) Is negative: ( Double panel) Cutting - Drilling - PTH( A copper plating is also called the thickening) - - - - - - Line ( Not after 2 copper plating) And then the DES line ( Etch - Back film) (1) to distinguish the film The film) Female, work piece, is negative and release. it: film have female piece and work piece ( A piece of) , black and porn, between positive and negative; (2) to distinguish the black piece of smooth surface for yao, the membrane surface, porn, on the other hand, generally can be by scraping the pen or blade scratch the side you can see on film for release. it surface. ( Mother: CNS is powder, a piece: CNS powder) ; (3) in general the mother for the black film is also known as silver halide pills, is mainly used to copy the work piece ( Porn is also called diazo film) , but the work piece is not only porn, there is also a black piece of work piece, its main do high-precision HDI board or to save money in the disposable used in the production of small batch PCB, porn is used for general PCB circuit board and play the general circuit board manufacturing batch of use; (4) porn note: when using has smooth surface and dumb face two kinds, the second is easy to appear when using the oil level of indentation; (5) film lines With copper) Pervious to light of the negative, not pervious to light is positive; Positive for the use of graphics electroplating, enhancement is off, leaving the corrosion resistance of the plating, the main lead tin plating. Negative film used for direct etching, enhancement for the line on the left by corrosion, directly etched in acid etching liquid.
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