PCB circuit boards can save how long, how much is the baking temperature

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-20
After the completion of the PCB circuit boards in the manufacturing, will have a shelf life, more than the shelf life is need to bake PCB, otherwise easy to make the PCB board in the SMT workshop online production, produce PCB board problem. Dongguan Rocket PCB factory below small make up together to look at! PCB, save time, and the use of industrial baking box baking temperature and time of PCB are industry standard. Standard 1 a, PCB circuit board control, and storage (1) PCB PCB opening the seal has not opened manufacturing date within 2 months can be used directly online; 2 PCB manufacturing date in 2 months, once opened must be labeled with unpacking date; (3) PCB manufacturing date in 2 months, must use it online in 5 days after unpacking. 2, PCB baking seal (1) PCB to manufacture date two months opened more than 5 days, please refer to our 120 + 5 ℃ bake for 1 hour; If more than 2 PCB manufacturing date is 2 months, please to 120 + 5 ℃ before online bake for 1 hour. (3) PCB, such as more than the manufacturing date 2 to 6 months before the launch in 120 + 5 ℃ baking 2 hours. (4) PCB such as more than the manufacturing date 6 months to 1 year, launched with 120 + 5 ℃ baking 4 hours, please; 5] baked PCB must be within 5 days after use, Into the IR REFLOW) , after use is needed to bake for 1 hour can be used online; [6] PCB such as more than the manufacturing date 1 year, launched in 120 + 5 ℃ before baking, four hours to send PCB factory to tin can only be used online. 3, (1) a large circuit board PCB baking way ( More than 16 PORT including 16 PORT) Mining flat type, a pile of highest number 30, opened the oven baking finish ten minutes to take out the PCB flat natural cooling ( Need to pressure resistant plate bay fixture) Small and medium-sized board ([2] 8 the port the following 8 port) Flat is placed, a pile of highest number 40, unlimited number of upright, baking finish out 10 minutes to open the oven PCB flat natural cooling ( Need to pressure resistant plate bay fixture) Second, different regions of the preservation of the circuit board, baking PCB circuit board specific to save time and baking temperature, not only with the PCB manufacturer's production capacity and production process, also with the region has a lot to do. OSP oxidation process and pure heavy gold production of PCB, the shelf life is 6 months after encapsulation, the OSP process generally not recommended for baking. Preservation and the baking time of PCB circuit board has a lot to do with region, moisture tend to be heavy in the south, especially in guangdong and guangxi in these regions, in a year in March and April will appear 'back to south day' weather, rainy season, every day is very wet at this time. PCB is exposed to the air must be used up within 24 hours, otherwise easy to oxidation, after normal kaifeng, 8 hours out is the best. For some need to bake PCB, baking time longer. And in the north, the weather is generally dry, PCB, longer baking time can be shorter. Baking temperature is generally 120 + 5 ℃ baking, baking time according to the specific situation to decide. For PCB to save time, baking temperature, specific issues specific analysis, need to control in PCB specification, on the basis of circuit board according to the different dongguan factory production capacity, process, area and season, to the specific choice.
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