not your regular suit

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-22
Looks like other normal jackets, but Mahalakshmi A assures me that it is not.
She carefully took it apart from the carton and put it on the table, explaining, \"This is a prototype made for our soldiers.
A team of engineering students from my college designed it and I am working on a second version of it now.
\"This is the brain product of Madhumitha V, Nandhini S, Vaishali G and Pragitha P, who are from the School of Engineering, avenathiningen University,
Medical Instrument Engineering from the same university.
Wire and circuit criss
Cross the lining.
Flexible printed circuit board (PCB)-with bio-
A medical sensor for tracking the wearer\'s heart rate and breathing patterns.
It has a GPS facility to track the location.
The data will then be transmitted to the control room using a satellite communication channel.
\"The heart and breathing rate are two of the most important parameters to assess a person\'s health,\" bio-
College of Medical Instrument Engineering.
The first aid instruction can be transmitted from the control room to the soldier via a text to voice converter.
\"For security reasons, all the data passed will be encrypted,\" she added . \".
The jacket is powered by a battery and there is an emergency button that soldiers can use in an emergency connected to the control room.
The idea of making this dress was generated in their interaction with defense Biology director Upendra Kumar Singh
Laboratory of engineering and electronic medicine (DEBEL)in July 2017.
\"He told us that when developing suits for soldiers deployed in remote areas, the range of wearable sensors and satellite communications is large.
We started this work in August 2017.
It took us eight months to make the prototype.
\"This is part of our last year\'s university program,\" Nandhini said . \".
The next edition of the suit will use nano textiles.
\"The sensor will be implanted in printable ink.
Will be waterproof, there will be a ECG machine (ECG)
And EMG instrument (EMG)
Graphene sensor
Coated electrodes.
\"The electrode will have silver particles, which will make it safe for the skin,\" explains Mahalakshmi . \".
The team now plans to apply for a patent for their invention.
\"We will submit proposals to the defense R & D organization (DRDO)for funding.
We have understood the limitations of this prototype.
All of this will be corrected in the next model, \"Judith promised.
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