FPC production puzzle instructions and methods

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-16
FPC in the process of production, in order to save costs, improve production efficiency, shorten the production cycle, production will have a puzzle way, rather than a single chip production. When the FPC puzzle, you need to follow a few principles. 1, in the process to produce under the premise of circuit board puzzle as far as possible the & # 8221; Squeeze the & # 8221; 。 The so-called 'squeeze', is narrowing the distance between the adjacent plate and the circuit board, thereby reducing the size of the whole puzzle, saving production materials, thereby lowering the production cost. 2, monolithic plate spacing between at least greater than 2. 5mm。 First of all, this is in order to meet the requirements of placement positioning hole, in the process of production, molding generally adopt the method of die, die in order to enhance accuracy, between each piece inside the puzzle, need to place the locating hole, deviation, so as not to die in FPC scrap; In the process of the sample production, general use laser cutting forming, in order to avoid the small slant, prevent a partial and the whole slants, also cannot directly connected between single chip, so that the two influence each other. 3, FPC puzzle need to add the etching characters, to simple puzzle size, number, etc, so as to facilitate subsequent production check and calibration. Four corners, the idea of increasing positioning hole, and select a corner with different positioning hole, facilitate subsequent process in the production of stay in the same direction, which led to the sealing film stick to return, printed characters to return, and so on and so forth. 5, the idea of fixed width is 250 mm, length is within 250 mm as much as possible. Idea of the size, the greater the deviation, the greater the precision production, finished product defective rate is higher. FPC puzzle in front of the watching, everybody should have how many know about, the following simple and introduce the three ways of FPC puzzle. 1, regular puzzle. Directly according to the direction of the single chip array puzzle, the most suitable for shape rules of FPC puzzle, such as rectangle, square, round, oval, etc. ; 2, oblique. Will tilt, the single chip of array, and then to the largest extent, using the idea of space, such as arc bar, accordion, etc; 3, pour to spell it. It read the single PCS a is a combination with makeup. All the puzzle mode, on the premise of can produce, follow the principle of the most province material.
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