Flexible and rigid PCB board FPC board between the advantages and disadvantages

by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-24

Chengdu, the sichuan provincial city, referred to as 'rong, nickname' Argo, chengdu ', is the capital of sichuan province, deputy provincial city, megacities, war zone compound in the west and the State Council determine the national important high-tech industry base, trade and logistics center, and comprehensive transport hub, an important center city of the western region. In 2018, the city's jurisdiction over 11 district and four counties, escrow five county-level cities, sichuan tianfu new area straight district in chengdu, chengdu high-tech industrial development zone, chengdu economic and technological development zone, is an area of 14335 square kilometers and a permanent population of 16. 33 million people, GDP15342. 7. 7 billion yuan. Chengdu is located in southwest China, west sichuan basin, the chengdu plain hinterland, within the territory of flat terrain, river network, abundant natural resources, agriculture developed, is a humid subtropical monsoon climate, enjoy the 'land of abundance' reputation of the ancient times; As important electronic information industry base in the world, there are 30 state-level scientific research institutions, national research and development platform, 67, 56 in university, all kinds of talents of about 3. 89 million people; The world top 500 enterprises in 285. Chengdu is the national famous historical and cultural city, the birthplace of the ancient shu civilization. Weeks too king 'was established in a city, chengdu two years', so named chengdu; Successively has seven lords regime established their capitals here; Has been the dynasties of state, county seat; Han is one of the five metropolitan; Tang is one of the most developed industrial and commercial city in China, the history called 'Yang yi 2'; Northern song dynasty is the second metropolitan bian city outside, invented the world's first notes jiaozi. Have, wuhou temple, du fu thatched cottage, dujiangyan, jinsha ruins and other places of interest, is China's excellent tourism city. Emerging business city, was awarded the world's best investment environment in mainland China cities, benchmarking countries small micro enterprise double gen demonstration base city, top ten Chinese cities in terms of comprehensive strength, China's top ten business city, etc. In August 2019, when China announced the auspices of the General Administration of Customs of the journal of the Chinese customs ranked 'top of China's foreign trade city' in 2018, the 18th in chengdu. Chengdu SMT SMT placement is based on the PCB for processing a series of technological process. PCB For printed circuit board. SMT surface mount technology ( Surface-mount technology) ( The abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology) That is one of the most popular in the electronic assembly industry technology and process. Surface mount technology, called surface-mount or surface mount technology. It is a no pins or short fuses surface mount components ( Referred to as 'SMC/SMD, Chinese chip components) Installed in the printed circuit board  Surface or other substrate on the surface, through the reflow soldering or welding methods, such as welding assembly of electronic circuit technology. At home, Generally referred to as SMT) Normally we use the electronic products are made by PCB with a variety of capacitance, resistance and other electronic components according to the design of circuit diagram design, and so a variety of electrical appliances need to different kinds of SMT process. Chengdu SMT template/batch processing to distinguish according to the sort of SMT processing, the main are: SMT machine processing, SMT template manually placed SMT processing, dip plug-in wave welding processing, dip plug-in manual welding processing. Main applications such as consumer electronics, home appliances, intelligent electronics, industrial electronics, electronic automation equipment, electronic beauty equipment, medical electronic equipment, automotive electronics, military electronic equipment, aviation electronic equipment, such as electronic board SMT SMT components. Chengdu SMT template SMT proofing refers to the pilot production of electronic board before mass production, mainly for electronic engineers design circuit and completes the PCBLayout, to the factory proofing, components ingredients for PCB, SMT proofing, and then to PCBA board function test the product of a process. Are usually electronic hardware engineer in the design, not fully confirmed and completed before the test, called the SMT proofing. SMT template, such as: PCB single components SMT SMT placement proofing, conventional urgent is eight 24 hours after finish SMT. PCB double-sided placed components SMT SMT proofing, conventional are urgent 24 hours after finish SMT. SMT proofing good PCBA sample and delivery. Shenzhen Rocket PCB Solution Ltd co. , Ltd. , professional to provide you with SMT, SMT, SMT processing, patch welding processing, SMT processing sample patch, patch, SMT PCBA SMT processing, SMT factory, SMT processing factory!
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