feds probe 725,000 \'limp\' ford, mercury vehicles for fault

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-23
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it will investigate nearly 725,000 Ford cars and SUVs that have turned off or their engines have soared.
The survey affected Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs, Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan cars from 2009 to 2011.
The agency said in a document published on its website on Monday that the vehicles may be willing to enter the \"lame home mode\" at a lower power \".
NHTSA and Ford have received nearly 1,500 complaints about the issue.
Three car accidents and injuries.
NHTSA began investigating cars and SUVs after receiving a request from the North Carolina Consumer Council last year.
Non-profit security organizations and consumers can apply to the agency to investigate vehicle issues.
The cars and SUVs have not yet been recalled, but the investigation could lead to the recall.
Fusion and Milan are almost the same cars, and the engine is the same as Escape and Mariner.
Ford abandoned the Mercury brand in 2010.
The organization in North Carolina says it has received two complaints about 2009 choking incidents diagnosed as stuck or closed.
The group said the owners reported that they had repeatedly delayed and soared.
Ford told NHTSA that cars produced from the month of June 22-10, 2009.
15, 09, there may be a printed circuit board failure to control the throttle.
Ford and its energy-saving supplier Delphi
After October, the circuit board manufacturing process was changed. 15, 2009.
NHTSA said in a document posted on its website on Monday that this solved the problem.
NHTSA said it analyzed 123 complaints about cars or SUVs entering the so-called lame mode where vehicle speeds are limited to 20 miles per hour or 900 per minute
Although the engine is still moving the vehicle, the driver may interpret the lame mode as flameout, the agency said.
When an engine problem is detected by the computer, the vehicle usually goes into lame mode.
This allows the driver to reach a safe place while protecting the engine from damage.
The agency said that when the engine speed fluctuates to prevent flameout in lame mode, there seems to be a surge in power.
But even though Ford says the throttle problem of escape has been solved as manufacturing changes, NHTSA still decides to investigate vehicles for 2010 and 2011 vehicle years.
The agency said it received 59 complaints about engine flameout and 2011 Fusion in 2010.
According to the agency, 80% of complaints were received from 2012 and showed an upward trend.
In addition, Ford also received 27,505 warranty claims for repair or replacement of the throttle body, NHTSA said.
Ford said Monday it would work with NHTSA to investigate the matter.
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