Features and advantages and disadvantages of FPC flexible circuit board

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-05
The flexible circuit board ( FlexiblePrintedCircuit FPC) Polyimide or polyester film as the backing material is made of a kind of with high reliability, excellent flexible printed circuit board. With the high density of wiring, light weight, thin thickness, good bending sexual characteristics. 1, short: all assembly hours short circuit configuration is complete, save extra wiring connection; 2, a small volume: smaller than PCB circuit boards can effectively reduce the volume of products, increase carry on convenience; 3, light: weight than PCB circuit boards, Hard) Light can reduce the weight of the final product; 4, the thickness of the thin: thinner than PCB circuit boards can improve the flexibility, strengthen then limited space for three dimensional assembly. Six layers FPC ( FPC flexible printed circuit board) FPC flexible circuit board is made of flexible insulating substrate printed circuit, has a number of rigid printed circuit board does not have the advantages of: ( 1) Free bending, coiling, folding, can be arbitrarily arranged in accordance with the spatial layout requirements, and is moving in three-dimensional space and scale, so as to achieve the integration of electronic components assembly and wire connection; ( 2) Using FPC flexible circuit board can greatly reduce the volume and weight of the electronic products, applicable to electronic products to the needs of the development of high density, miniaturization, high reliability direction. Therefore, FPC in aerospace, military, mobile communication, portable computers, computer peripherals, PDA, digital cameras, and other fields or the product has been widely used; ( 3) FPC has good heat resistance and weldability, and is easy to install and low comprehensive cost, FPC combination of hard and soft design also to some extent compensate for the flexible base on component bearing capacity of slightly less than. ( 1) One-off high initial cost: because the FPC flexible circuit board is designed for special applications, manufacturing, so start circuit design, wiring and photoplate needs higher cost. Unless there is special need to apply the soft PCB circuit boards, usually a small application, had better not use; ( 2) Soft PCB change and be difficult to repair, once made, FPC flexible circuit boards to change must begin from the reproduction or light painting program, so it is not easy to change. Its surface covered a layer of protective film, to remove before repair, repair after recovery, this is difficult work; ( 3) Size restrictions: FPC flexible circuit boards in it is not, usually made by the intermittent method process, so by restrictions on the size of production equipment, can't be very long, very wide; ( 4) Improper operation, easily damaged with the improper operation may cause the damage of the soft circuit, the soldering and rework operation need to be trained personnel.
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