Faces the charging circuit board factory of new energy vehicles and difficulty in the choice of electricity

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-16
Why there are many reasons for the difficulties in electric cars, but in its essence is in battery. Circuit board factory, for a car, the requirements of the people is the basic of walking function first, followed by additional functionality. However, due to the electric cars powered by battery core, will bring a very awkward question: no electricity should be how to do? Ran out of fuel gas, open the maps app, can easily find a gas station, it only takes a few minutes to fill up. But the electric car is power off, but may need to travel long distances to find a charging pile, then waiting for 30 minutes or longer, and this is certainly a lot of people can't accept it. Charging circuit board, then, small make up to ask, could you like go so fast? Unfortunately, in today and the future of a period of time, all could not see the may appear. However, the emergence of another way of thinking and method has solved the problem of low charge that is - — In electricity. In electricity, in fact, the replacement battery technology, just as its name implies is to electric cars to replace the battery power. Than the use of charging, charging pile in a professional in power plant, only need 3 - 5 minutes for an electric car to replace a new, full battery, from the station to the outbound, but about 10 minutes, fully comparable with fuel refueling speed. In addition, under the electric technology of electric vehicles don't have to worry about appear power losses caused by the amounts of cell cycle. Can say, for consumers, in electrical technology is to do nothing. But things really so well? Need to know, in electric mode one of the core is above the 'battery specification'. Because the change of vehicle replacement battery in the power plant, must ask every car has unified specifications of the battery, otherwise not only cannot uninstall, installation. Even after installed, also don't match possible case. BGA boards ( PCB circuit boards) In addition, in the construction of the plant is different from general charging station, it costs much higher! Circuit board factory, as early as 2013, musk has to show the public the 93 seconds in the uniqueness of the tesla electric technology. But just two years later, proud as musk also had to declare in electrical technology promotion of little value, one of the important reasons is that the cost. In addition to the cost of here is in power plant construction costs, cost also includes the use of the owner. In the place where the land in the U. S. are charging pile, charging is a very economical and convenient way. But need to change electric car owners pay 60 - single The cost of a $80 in electricity costs of expensive. To sum up, fast in the advantage of electricity and no worries about the battery, the disadvantage is expensive and need the battery specifications. Charging pile is that prices are lower and the advantages of partial owners can install charging pile, the disadvantage is slow charging time and charging out not convenient. At present, the domestic provide for electrical technology car companies only three, wei, Beijing new energy and lifan. Of these, three application in the electric carrier is a little different. Among them, the lifan main apply it on its lease vehicles; Beijing new energy is owned by a taxi and individual owners can use; While wei to primarily to owners. Three companies, the application of three different ways, proves that the electrical technology in present 'immature'. Due to the rental vehicle or a taxi is the whole batch models, so the battery specification basic quite, and as a result of car ownership in his hand, so there will be no use to the problem of high cost, this is lifan and the main reason for the Beijing new energy dare to such a decision. As to why wei come only for the owner, believe you see wei to its price can just know a thing or two. At present, in the application of the electrical technology category should be focused on rental cars, taxis, buses and other operating market. The reason will appear such circumstance, in addition to the above mentioned battery specification and cost, also associated with the upgrading of the electric car very fast, in the development of new energy automobile market is not mature, or rather are today which progresses by leaps and bounds, product, decorate a form, vehicle battery specification force are changing, so now can only say it's too early to change electricity. But in the future, once the battery specification to integrate and stabilize, when there is battery specifications convergence between different models, in electrical technology will have a great advantage. Therefore, in terms of the future, and in the electric is a feasible way.
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