Dongguan: Rocket PCB circuit board is not the cause of the electricity

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-14
In the process of circuit board long run, may be because it leads to a circuit board can't normal electricity, so are the causes of this situation? 1, the circuit board is not electricity, may be in the circuit board components virtual welding, sealing off, lead to no electricity. 2, aiming at the condition of the circuit board without power, may be the resistance of the circuit board, or some other components problems cause that to happen. Circuit board without power how to detect circuit board without power solutions: in case of circuit board without electricity, we can use the multimeter to check first circuit in the circuit board, to see if the circuit has been disconnected, and then went on to test. When replacement circuit boards don't directly to good circuit board to, to determine the circuit board test plate before replacing body if there is a short circuit. If there is short circuit phenomenon, is not directly replace, or change the circuit board was burned immediately. PCB/PCB patch
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