disney\'s rumored magicband a go

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-20
Speculation around a wristband replacing a paper ticket to Disneyland is over.
An official statement was posted on the Disney park blog on Monday confirming the band\'s presence.
A Disney spokesperson told ABC News that the bands will be launched in the coming months.
The \"MagicBand\" worn on the wrist will be integrated as guest\'s room key, theme park tickets, quick pass selection, PhotoPass card and optional payment account.
\"At Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, we constantly break the boundaries of creativity and innovation to provide the best possible experience for our guests,\" wrote Tom stage, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.
\"We \'ve been looking for ways to do better what we do.
Over the past few years, we have invested a lot of time and resources to create a more immersive, seamless and personalized experience for every guest who spends time with us.
\"The launch of the band is part of MyMagic\'s greater efforts, including a new Disney Experience website and mobile app.
Guests can plan meals and booking times in advance for their favorite attractions, performances, etc. through the enhanced FastPass system called FastPass.
They can use their smartphones to change their plans once they arrive.
Of course, from a Disney business perspective, it makes sense to collect data about guests.
The more it learns about guest preferences, the more it can customize the guest experience.
But some skeptics worry about how much information these magic bands may have stored.
\"Ensuring the security of our guest information is obviously very important to us, and no one pays more attention to this than we do,\" a Disney spokesperson told ABC News . \".
\"Everything is available and guests will have the opportunity to choose the information they share with us.
There is nothing more important to us than protecting this information.
Guests should also know that the band does not store personal information.
The FCC document on MagicBand wrote: \"Radio of the device, model MB-
R1G1 is a wrist wear arm band that transmits a 2.
4 GHz signal for indoor wireless infrastructure.
The PCB assembly is packaged in plastic and completely supermodel with hot plastic polyurethane.
The band does not have a switch and is powered with an unreplaceable coin battery.
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