deformable printed circuit boards that enable metamorphic electronics

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-03
A form of production
The layers of deformed and stretchable printed circuit boards are reported and applied to enable the new three-dimensional (3D)shapes.
The model contains an array with a packaged surface mounting device and sets the light-
And transistors in the rubber matrix.
The test structure is deformed from plane to spherical to tapered. Like topology.
In one method, the thickness of the stretchable printed circuit board is locally adjusted to control the morphological changes.
Besides, one threedimensionally-
In order to achieve a more abrupt topology change, shape accompany is introduced.
Comparative study of various designs of metal layers and stresses
The elimination of reinforcement elements determines the design of a height that can be stretched and deformed (
Stretch and release cycles up to 315% or 6,000 150%)
, It shields the interface between the hard interface and the non-hard interface
Tensile components with high stress levels.
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