ddi corp. completes acquisition of sovereign circuits

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-14
The leading supplier of technically advanced PCB engineering and manufacturing services announced today that it has completed its acquisition of sovereign circuits. , a privately-
A combination of $5,153,180 in cash and 1,201,964 shares of DDi common stock holds the printed circuit board manufacturer, plus the assumption that soverforeign\'s net debt is about $2. 5 million.
Under the terms of the merger agreement, 15% of the purchase price will be hosted by a third party
A third-party hosting agent for up to one year to cover any claims for compensation that may arise.
Sovereignty will continue to function as a whole
Wholly owned subsidiary of DDi
Mikel Williams, president and CEO of DDi, commented on the acquisition
He said, \"as DDi increases the sovereign circuit, we expect to be in the military, aerospace and high
Extend our technical capabilities, including flexibility and rigidity-
The company\'s national sales team will provide all of our resources to our broad customer base and target new relationships that will help increase market penetration.
\"About DDiDDI is a leading time provider
Key, advanced electronic manufacturing services.
Headquartered in Anaheim, California, DDI and its subsidiaries provide PCB engineering, manufacturing and manufacturing services to the world\'s leading electronics OEMs and contract manufacturers, with facilities throughout North America and with Asian
According to the \"safe harbor\" statement of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act No. 1995, in addition to the historical information contained in this press release, the statement in this press release may constitute a forward-
Forward-looking statements about the company\'s assumptions, predictions, expectations, goals, intentions or beliefs about future events.
Words or phrases such as \"expectation\", \"belief\", \"estimate\", \"expectation\", \"intention\", \"plan\", \"forecast\", \"project\", \"goal\" may cause \",\" will continue \",\" may \"or similar expressions to be recognized forward-
Look at the report. Forward-
A statement that looks good includes, but is not limited to, the above statement that the proposed transaction will be beneficial to the shareholders and that DDi has the ability to expand its presence in other markets, it sees the expected benefits of these markets for other manufacturers as well as for proposed transactions with sovereign circuits. Forward-
The outlook statement deals with risk and uncertainty, which may result in significant differences between actual results or results and those expressed.
We warn that while we make such statements in good faith, we believe that such statements are based on reasonable assumptions, including, but not limited to, management\'s review of historical operational trends, including records, we cannot assure you that the company\'s forecast will be achieved.
Other than other factors and matters discussed from time to time in the documents submitted by the company to the United StatesS.
Some important factors that the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC may lead to significant differences between the actual results or results of DDi or its subsidiaries and the results of the forward discussion
The outlook statement includes: the sale of the assembly business and the acquisition of sovereign circuits may not achieve the expected benefits of the company;
The final purchase price received due to the sale of the assembly business and the price paid for the sovereign circuit may be different from the expected
Closing adjustment;
Changes in the overall economic situation of the market we may compete with and fluctuations in the demand of the electronics industry;
The company\'s ability to maintain historical profit margins;
Increased competition;
Increased costs;
Retirement of key management members;
In accordance with the terms deemed reasonable by management, the increase in the cost of borrowing by the company or the inability to obtain additional debt or equity capital;
An adverse decision by a state, federal or foreign legislative or regulatory body. Any forward-
The outlook statement is issued only on the date of the statement and we are not obliged to update any forward-looking statement except as required by law
Looking for a statement to reflect an event or situation after the date of the statement, or to reflect the occurrence of an unexpected event.
New factors arise from time to time and it is not possible for management to predict all of them.
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