the sudden rise of the digital cmo

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-01
In the field of enterprise marketing, the most watched article in recent weeks is Jack Soloman\'s \"rise of digital CMO\" on the Harvard Business Review blog site, a research director at gartner.
The design of this work is provocative. -
Starting with its first sentence, it does this: \"In fact: in terms of marketing spending, the simulation still exceeds the number in a three-to-one ratio.
\"There is no dispute over the difficult numbers, but you can argue about their background.
The reality is that the seven-and eight-digit marketing budget is not the right measure when considering digital marketing.
Billboards and aircraft advertising may still have a place in the marketing mix, but both large and small, state-of-the-art companies adopt innovative approaches, proving that a reliable media strategy is not done entirely through traditional marketing budgets.
So when Gartner predicts that the technology budget for CMO will exceed the CIO by 2017, 25% of businesses will hire a chief digital officer, digital CMO, by then, gartner is actually praising the merits of earned media.
This is not very consistent with Sorofman\'s argument.
Sorofman says the same is true for CDO to create digital experiences around the mutual enhancement of social, mobile and cloud information. . .
Even if he told us we weren\'t there yet.
In fact, we are there.
CDO is increasingly appearing on the company management pages of leading enterprises, and they appear in the media due to the importance of revenue media.
Organizations are looking at all of the marketing strategies that drive revenue growth, and discover the huge rewards of winning the media.
So, what is the media?
It\'s social media, blogs, public relations, and organic search.
It has increasingly become the biggest and most important marketing strategy.
Its measuring tools include tweets, likes, shares, pins, 1 s, views, comments, conversations, and engagement ---
These indicators, in turn, show how this will drive the business.
Earned media is not the age of ad fanatics for paid media, consisting of print, TV, banners, sponsorship and pay-per-click marketing.
Today, it was tweeted by a senior executive to his or her 100 fans, instead of broadcasting ads to thousands of strangers.
In our last blog, \"Pinterest and Quora for Business?
We discussed how Pinterest and Quora grew rapidly.
Businesses have begun to be interested in the trend of the business \"pforb\", with tools designed to help brands attract users.
Currently, 60 of the top 100 brands have active Pinterest pages, and on Quora 84 of the top 100 brands have at least one discussion topic.
The large-scale adoption of the two profitable media platforms shows that companies are actively evaluating platforms that enhance the ability of users to share brand content.
How big is digital marketing, especially the media?
Which channel has the highest income?
Organic Search is the biggest channel in the winning media mix.
Most cutting-edge organizations are actively measuring their digital marketing returns and verifying these findings.
For example, everyone knows after 3 m.
But these consumer goods are only a small part of the big company.
In fact, 3m is a diversified group of more than 35 business units.
Starting from 2013, 3m manages these business units under five business groups--
Consumption, electronics and energy, health care, industry and safety and graphics.
As you might imagine, all of these different technologies and products pose a challenge to potential customers who know what they want but cannot explain it in precise technical terms ---
The problem is exacerbated by traditional analog marketing.
For example, queries about \"industrial strength glue\" can result in hundreds of products ---
The result is more likely to scare off potential customers than to invite them in.
Therefore, 3m companies have supported their search marketing plan with collaborative filtering technology to view the source of the query and then optimize product suggestions in real time.
So if you\'re an aircraft company asking about industrial glue, then you won\'t get answers about glue for PVC tubes, printed circuit boards or furniture manufacturing, but only glue related to aircraft manufacturing.
Raj Rao, vice president of 3m global eTransformation, said, \"when users log on to our page, we use big data platforms and heuristic methods to better understand the meaning of the initial query. .
Where possible, we optimize our product suggestions around the visitor\'s IP address.
\"Traditional simulation marketing can\'t do this.
But just because digital search marketing adds new functionality to traditional marketing, does it also add enough value to make a measurable impact on soroman\'s claim? Ask Rao.
The 3m online survey and network metrics report found that organic search traffic now accounts for most of the visitor traffic of more than 4,000 websites in more than 175 countries, \"The net present value of the search is $1.
If we assume that the Web only affects 6 billion of our customers\' purchase decisions, it is 30%.
He suspects the ratio is much higher.
In addition, he added that once the search brings potential customers to the product he wants, 3m can carry other digital marketing tools ---
Such as discounts, special offers, and even training--
Not only does the transaction complete, but also brings the customer back to the future purchase.
These figures lead us to believe that while Jack solovman is correct in the adoption path that digital marketing will take in the corporate world, he needs to revisit the adoption of paid and paid media.
Instead of assuming, as Sorofman suggests, that they have time around the world to deal with the digital revolution in marketing, traditional marketing executives ---
Their ceo. -
Time is running out.
This revolution has already happened.
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